Astraangel need your help please

  • hi astraangel

    hope you are doing great.

    i have a two part question here that has me concerned for a while.

    1.will T be impressed with my work in future ? what are they going to tell A about me in future ?

    2.will A be impressed with my work in future when i am with them ? what will be their expectations from me ?

    thanking you ahead of time .



  • Okay, yes doing fine and hope you are too Hiigh Priestess!

    1. will T be impressed with my work in future ?

    Queen of Cups. Yes.

    what are they going to tell A about me in future ?

    Wheel of Fortune - they will say you are a hiigh roller. Just kidding... Fool and 3 of Swords.

    Um... they will say... hmm.... they have seen you at your best and at your worst and they want to give you a shot at the planning position.

    2 will A be impressed with my work in future when i am with them ?

    Magician - YES!

    what will be their expectations from me ?

    9 wands, Queen Pentacles, and 4 of Swords

    They will expect you to be very mature/strong in your new role, exercising great control over some sort of financial matter, while manifesting your intellectual expertise.

    How does that sound?

    blessings! Good luck in the new position!


  • OMG i just read it and felt awesome . honestly this is one of the most uplifting and positive reads i have got in years lol !!!!!

    okay , the thing is i am supposed to join group 1 but for some reason i would get in trouble in this group and they would move me to another group in order to correct this situation. now i am not sure what they are going to decide , whether they will shange my work profile or keep it the same , whether i will be working on the same salary or it will go down , what kind of work i will be doing in group 2 , how will i find the work environment as work environment in group 1 is supposed to be bad as per my readings lol !! i am not sure how to go about this situation when i have all such information and nothing to connect these pieces to know how i should be doing in the end when all the change has taken place and things are settled .

    on top of it i am supposed to meet this person who will bring a quick passionate affair in my life and things will affect me tremendously as it might lead me to chaos and confusion. i am trying to figure out this man and his true intentions for me . what kind of affair it would be and how will it end . will something else come out of this relationship once the passion is settled ? are there any chances of love blossoming or it's just a lusty affair and nothing else , what will become of this relationship after this affair is over . we are supposed to be colleagues at work and i am wondering how it will affect my work and i am seeking advice and guidance so i don't end up making mistakes like i have done in the past . honestly , i am terribly confused and worried .

    i would be happy if you could read for me . i have no idea how to cut down on anxiety and chaos that is already there in my mind due to this situation that is going to arise soon. could you please read what i should be doing in this situation. if you can't read that's fine too. i just thought i should request for more clarity .

    as it is you have given me great message regarding work so i am happy and feeling better :)) thank you dear !

    love and blessings


  • Okay... wow that was a lot you are sharing there I can't even begin to wrap my head around all that you are saying. However I get the overall sense of it.

    I am a simple guy and so I will just flip some cards and share, and maybe you can piece it together how it affects your situation.

    Judgment - This card is saying that it is ALL outside of your immediate control. Getting that card right away tells me that you can relax as all is going to work out nicely for you. Judgment (ressurection) is lifting you OUT of one area and INTO another so I see a move, relocation, change of address for you in some way. I suppose this is in relation to your career.

    Then the 5 of Pentacles so you can expect a change in your material life. With this card next to Judgment I would say it is a change for the BETTER. So whatever is happening there at work is going to ultimately take you to better places - financially I am thinking.

    Then the Universe card so this is all indicating a culmination for you, Could be love and work together.

    Yep, that is it. Ace of Pentacles - so you are certainly heading into a NEW work/physical/monetary situation, a NEW thing for you in your practical life affairs. The love aspect, I am not sure of. This is still stressing work and career type stuff. Focus seems to be on YOU stepping into something very new. I would also expect a little shake up too (Tower) as you make the transition however this is all perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about. You might feel nervous at times (can I do this?) however it will go smoothly - you'll see!

    I feel good things for you in this path you are heading up, in some very nice ways.

    Blessings to you!!! Wishing you the very best as all things unfold for you!

  • very interesting ! this reading seems to have come up with all positive lol !! am i really thinking and worrying myself way too much ?? well thanks a lot for taking time to do this reading. it really means a lot at the time when i am trying to piece everything together so i can move ahead in life with courage and confidence. thanka a lot for the uplifting reading.

    blessings to you


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