Hello guys :)

  • hey, since the first day i joined this website ive been noticing people asking questions and wanting to know stuff about their life, relationship and love life and so on and me i would just seat there not knowing what to ask- till this day i have no need to know an answer to anything ..and its killing me lol because i have people here that can tell me so much and yet i have nothing to ask-..but ive been thinking and just for fun if you guys are in the mood maybe you guys can tell me A little something about mYself im always excited to hear what others have pick up from me - and has to say about me it can either be bad or gud and you dont have to be a psychic 😄 but i guess you're all are since this is the psychic part of the forum

  • Hi JJ,

    One doesn't have to be a psychic to deduce few things - like for example that you are young, quite confident and open minded. You want to learn things, but don't quite know where to start. You are more attracted to the spontaneous "school of life" type of learning, rather than to the formal education. You are also attracted to unconventional experiences and people. Possibly you are quite artistic...

    If I were you, I would start just by reading other people's posts. You might want to participate in some discussions, which resonate with you. Who knows, you might even have some insights of your own to offer to other people?

  • 😮 yes yes 😄 i read this earlier this morning and i was so excited someone said something 😄 and yeah you're right 😄

  • you made my morning ;D

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