Need some clarity? Spiritual confusion

  • Hello everyone! Thank you for reading and answering!

    In my life I have had my share of problems, haven't we all? And my problems have lead me down a powerful spiritual path that has helped me help others. Of course I still learn something new all the time, but I am 'confused by my spiritual development'. Perhaps that is a lack of proper phrasing but I cannot think of any other words to use so let me use examples.

    When helping others I tend to have a ability to 'know what to say' almost out of thin air. It has helped a lot of people and I have been able to help myself with it. But it seems to be my only 'spiritual sense'. I get some basic hints of people's emotions but I feel as if my third eye is 'blocked'. I almost literally feel a clogging sensation on my own forehead. I can feel my own 'power' and I can feel it radiate. I have been told I have a large white/gold aura but I can't see anything, in terms of auras or energy.

    Does this make any sense? I feel like I have all this untapped energy I can't get to? Am I at the extent of my spiritual power? not wisdom, always something to learn!

    If you need more me to try to convey it again please ask, I have been trying to figure this out now for a few years. It's been on the back burner but it has bothered me. Spiritually speaking I feel and see so much, yet so little at the same time.

    Am I being too self focused? Is a negative personality trait getting in the way?

    And one more thing has left me with questions. I seem to have a powerful mutual attraction with angels. I love them with a passion, I love everything about their existence and I have a powerful relationship with what I feel are two angels. Both who have been protecting me. But in general I feel as if angels and I are attracted to each other? Somehow they are a big part of my spiritual life. Is there a reason why? Or am I creating self importance?

    I again thank all of you for your help. If you can feel my aura or divine in any way to help me out I would be forever grateful. I apologize if my writing seems scattered, my thoughts on this are also.

  • Angelic

    I believe that you are to do any spiritual work with angels as you feel so connected to them. They can be protecting you from outer forces that could lead you astray in the methaphysical world. If you feel like your psychic eye (third eye is blocked) than you might want to take some classes to help you open up more. Have you thought of becoming a healer? If so than reiki is a modality to look into as it will open the third eye.


  • I am actually learning massage therapy right now and I'm loving it! Perhaps it can help. When I massage I do feel more connected.

  • I appreciate the input Shuabby but I was hoping for a little more from some other members as well. This has been bothering me for a bit and I'd love more perspectives on this.

    Or Shuabby if you have any more wisdom I'll be more than willing to listen.

    Thank you everyone 😃

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