Should i take a leap of faith, help please

  • Hi all

    I'm wondering if someone could do a reading for me regarding a situation i'm thinking of becoming involved in with a man. Somethings holding me back and i don't know if its gut instinct or fear.

    my DOB is 19/06/75

  • Hey saranvitch

    Your Moon is in Scorpio, check your physical passions they could be trying to drag you into something there while some other aspects of the relationship may still need to be explored? Like how well do you communicate with them, can you talk about anything,do you really click on a lot of levels all of that, financial agreement, there are a lot of aspects to explore.

    My moon is in Scorp and my understanding is that can sort of be an intense physical / se x ual energy. I can attest that on very rare occasions I myself have been swayed by the physical more than I should.

    Your Mars is in Aries just like me as well... so that sign is ruled by Mars anyway so that can mean some real determination to achieve, and once you set your mind on something you like to stick with it. Jupiter is also there so that even adds to the strength to achieve. So one thing to be kinda aware of here could be not becoming committed until you've really worked though on all levels.

    I am not sure about Geminis, in terms of your Sun sign. Duality?

    If something is holding you back then I would listen to that. Talk it out with the Universe/the Lord in prayer or meditation?

    I did draw the 2 of cups and the Star so that sounds very nice though! Optimistic. I would say expect nice things, however listen to your intuition, and don't let your Aries/Jupiter passion swep you off your feet until you really, really, really, really, really feel comfortable with this person and it is only gentle and peaceful feelings inside.

    Blessings to you and this situation!

  • Hi Astra

    Thanks for your words. Between posting this and your answer, I found out that my gut instinct was absolutely right and my misgivings were not misplaced...

    Maybe I'll be lucky and the 2 of cups and the star will be related to a different situation. Here,s hoping...

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