Scorpio woman, Leo man....married but....need advice

  • It may just be the full moon....but this feeling has been nagging at me way longer than a few days. We've been together a little over 4 years, married for 2. In the 2 years of marriage we have tried to combine households, its been tough. His house hasn't sold, although it's only been listed for 6 months. We have not combined finances and the only furniture he has moved in is his night stands and dresser, everything else is packed up and stored in my garage. Lately I have been having very negative feelings towards our union. I don't even know where to start! I am so overwhelmed with bad feelings towards the comprimises I have made and it seems that he has not made many at all. I did not want our union to be a money making deal for anyone and I thought we would work together to make this life. But I find that I am still supporting the majority of the household bills and get the feeling that he is using our newly joined family as the scapegoat to what bills he still has. Sometimes he talks about getting all his bills paid off and having a clean slate...and I think "how does that help me".

    Last year we had a horrible argument over his online activities (single sites) and his exwifes insistance that we bring his sons dog with us each time he comes to our house. It was so bad that he was going to move out. A year later nothing has changed, he is the member of almost 30 single sites and has numerous email accounts in which he registers for all of them. Our argument last year prompted him to buy a smart phone and he now does all his activity on it. He is very private about his finances and helps out very little with just the grocery bill. Last summer we decided to buy a boat, but he went out and financed the boat and registered it in just his name. But he didn't say a word when I forked out the big lump sums for taxes, insurance and winterizing. Now he is angry because I haven't been paying him my half of the payment!

    Honestly, at this point I am thinking I should cut my losses and ask him to move back to his own home. Because quite frankly, I am only 2 bills away from being single.

  • Two people have to work together to make a marriage good and productive but it sounds like it's only you carrying all the weight. You need to sit down and teel your husband honestly how close you are to leaving him. He will either then genuinely try harder to help out or he will want out too. If he chooses to try harder, make sure he does it consistently and permanently (not just a temporary fix) or else be gone! The fact that he is still visiting single sites is a sign that he still wants to be popular with women (a common Leo trait) but he cannot keep acting like he isn't married or doesn't have responsibilities. He probably thinks it's harmless and fun. He sounds very immature. This guy needs to shape up or ship out because you can't do it all on your own. Marriage is supposed to be a partnership.

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