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  • Blue Eyes

    In a Handsome face

    Kissable lips

    Im inspired

    to compose

    Sonnets and tales

    To compose

    Songs and laughter

    All due to kissable lips

    And blue blue eyes

    Copy right CWB aka Bente Millek 1990ies

  • Twice asleep

    Twice scary dreams

    First not so bad

    Second worse

    What does it all mean?

    I have no idea


    Look up

    Makes no sense at all

    What do one do now

    Basically it all

    Comes down to this

    Do I give up?

    Do I move on?

    As I look to the path

    Give up move on

    I see my children promised

    Vanish before my eyes

    I see a steep ravine

    Endless bottom

    Dark pit of nothingness

    Not even a rebirth pit

    No a pit that ends all lives

    The end one souls ends at

    Once n for all

    If only that certain

    Man would communicate with me

    This is agony

    I could do cards but they

    State whats inside at

    The moment

    Inside me is



    Being distraught

    Wanting to weep

    And sink into


    Where nothing exists

    No feelings of any kind

    Except oblivion

    All in mind now is

    What does those wounds

    And scars tell me?

    Right eye and down the cheek

    Spear arrow shaped

    Hanging in a piece of skin

    When dangling

    Bones show little blood

    The second from right

    shoulder down past

    my boob all the length of

    my upper body, bandaged

    underneath huge scar

    even before I awoke

    I felt like my

    Heart had been removed


    like a favour

    to save me from

    more heartache

    from feeling

    but what does that help?



    Do not stem from

    The heart

    Whoever removed my heart

    Knows nothing of


    The heart is a muscle

    Main job to

    Pump blood around

    Your system, making sure

    We get air around

    That we breathe

    That we live

    That we can cope


    Stories of past

    Stories verified

    Tells how men and

    Women have died

    From a broken heart

    I have too much

    Regard for life

    Always had

    All through all

    My lives

    I still do

    Heart or no heart

    If only I didn’t

    Love him so damn much.

    For now I can only

    Pray and hope

    I wont get more

    Dreams in which

    I am wounded

    Or scared.

    One can´t loose more

    Once the heart is gone right?

    Another aspect

    How do one make

    Ones wishes known

    Without sounding



    Looking like

    Oh it is soooo¨

    Sorry n sad for me?

    How do one show

    That one ain´t


    Blaming or being a

    Total n complete



    Give me a hint

    Give me advice

    You the man I love

    This is painful

    Too painful

    No blame

    No accusation

    No lifted finger

    Deal me in

    Or tell me

    I lost the game

    For your heart

    Please get in touch

    So I can either fight on

    Or give up n move on

    Copyright bente millek 2012

  • Called the man

    That i love

    More than life itself

    Number not in service

    Slam bang bam

    Right in my face

    I felt dumped

    Discarded like an

    Old rag

    Thanks 4 all ya helo

    No more any need

    Of nor 4 ya.

    Bye bye

    I felt empty



    And full



    I let him know

    What this does to me

    I blew up

    Called him

    An major asshole

    He is one too

    Just bc you got one

    Doesn’t need ya hafta be one

    I almost said

    At this rate

    Don’t b fucking surprised

    When u do come around

    I aint no longer here

    I rested


    With a need

    To b blonde

    In past has blonde

    Been equal to stupid

    N he made me feel

    Utterly enormously stupid.

    The way the light shone

    As I gave myself

    A wacker of a headache

    On a book cover

    Showed once upon a time

    What I had been

    A blonde woman

    All alone with various cats

    Domestics, wild cats

    Small, huge all kinds

    The wise blonde cat woman

    Ironic no?

    I died

    Passed away

    Im dead

    Discarded , no more

    Spectre of what was

    Once me

    Blonde spectre

    A ghostly form

    Floating, being

    Almost invisible

    See through

    No substance

    An echo of what once was

    Question is

    Can what haunted me alive

    Haunt me as a ghostly spectre?

    Copyright Bente Millek 2012

  • Wake up call

    Non too soon

    The man I have loved

    For so long

    Proved he ain´t worth

    Love mine at all

    Psychic sister


    Has seen the truth

    But what can we do

    When he chooses to

    Be an major

    Chickenshit spineless coward?

    I am awake

    I get the message

    Loud n clear

    No sweat

    I won´t bother

    Anymore at all

    Why should i?

    Set myself up for another

    Kick in the face?

    Fuck no

    So I cut my losses

    Go blondie blond

    N i´ll let hair mine

    Grow long

    Invest in a thinner scissor

    So I wont get bogged down

    New life

    Free life


    N by it a love

    That is worthy

    A love

    That is right

    A love that

    Ain´t chickenshit

    Nor spineless

    Nor a coward.

    Now I look forward

    To long blonde tresses

    New smaller cheaper


    New home

    Nee year

    New life

    New paths

    New chances

    I am free

    I have grown up

    At age 40

    About fucking time no?

    Hell yeah.

    Age 40

    IS the



    Bente Millek Copyright 2012

  • Welcome to whereever you are this is your life you made it this far

    welcome youve gotta believe that right here right now

    youre exactlety where you are supposed to be

    be who you want to

    be who you are

    everyones a hero everyones a star

    Bon JOvi

  • Bon Jovi can be my copyright anyday

  • I wish i was the fool in the tarot .

    A fool has no worries

    they do not make plans

    they do everything on a whim

    oh how i wish this could me

    living life with no responsibilty ,

  • These days i often long back to a life where the only worry was SURVIVAL!

  • if you were the fool you would have no worries at all , you would live in the moment . No excess baggage only a little napsack to carry around .The fool represents new beginings a fresh start , a clean slate , to me 40 is the halway mark not old just older, hey that is another Bon jovi song

    I like the bed I'm sleeping in

    It's just like me, it's broken in

    It's not old - just older

    Like a favorite pair of torn blue jeans

    This skin I'm in it's alright with me

    It's not old - just older

    Hugs CWB

  • reminds me of a song by Melanie 😄 Better Alone:

    I understand your point of view letting me go

    But I thought you had more faith

    Everything I've done for you

    You made the mistakes and now you throw this in my face

    And I have worked so hard for you all of this time and you cast me aside

    I understand your point of view

    But I can't seem to get my head around

    All the things that I feel good about always seem to disappear

    And every time I think I've got this all worked out

    Something chews me up and spits me out

    But there's nothing left to fear

    I'm better alone my dear

    You couldn't pick a better time to give me the news

    Why don't you kick me when I'm down?

    I'd always believed in you

    Defended your name but you have not been true

    I gave you so much of my life I've compromised and you tell me goodbye

    You couldn't pick a better time

    And I can't seem to get my head around

    All the things that I feel good about always seem to disappear

    And every time I think I've got this all worked out

    Something chews me up and spits me out

    But there's nothing left to fear

    I'm better alone my dear

    I know I really should thank you for setting me free

    It's really amazing the changes I'm starting to feel

    It's not gonna be long till I'm fit and strong

    Deliverance helped me heal still I wonder if you ever wish you still had me

    Will I ever get my head around

    All the things that I feel good about that always seem to disappear

    When every time I think I've got this all worked out

    Something chews me up and spits me out

    But there's nothing left to fear

    No No No

    I can't seem to get my head around

    All the things that I feel good about that always seem to disappear

    No No

    And every time I think I've got this figured out

    Something screws me up and drags me down

    But there's nothing left to fear

    I'm better alone my dear

  • hugs CWB i am going to google that song .

  • hey what about a having few laughs i will try to post you this you tube video

  • What the eff is going on with you tube ?

  • it is called makeup with rolanda google it and have a laugh

  • Paper Dolls With Hearts of Lace

    Tattered and Torn by Love's Disgrace

    Which really boasts of Love Not, Lo,

    but of Single Minded Earthly Ego

    That siezes what it must by self

    and leaves to others pain and hell

    of anguished love-lost's fire.

    Love of Self is Grand Indeed, but only with empathic seed

    that puts LOVE first in all our deed

    before one step in mire

    Love reigns on within our soul

    for no man here can take it's toll

    for human strength will dare unfold

    and yes,


    Love again.

    Blessings to you Charmed and Loap


  • wow that is deep Patch great to see you back 🙂

  • lovely patch. lovely indeed. do u have more? if so post post post

    living youtube n all more sites r in update or whatever mode, n most inside is all effed up, goodriddance yikes

  • Back in the saddel

    Again, fresh air



    Created storms

    In all the loser cowards


    Files askew

    Papers in files all over

    Windows flapping banging

    A complete utter mess

    A mess that will

    Take daaaaayyss

    In each spot to clean

    Up n sort out

    Well done

    Jon INDEED well done

    No more blonde

    Done being blonde

    N feeling stupid

    No more


    D O N E


    Yet I still lack replies

    Why he lead me on?


    Why did he lie?

    We both know the truth

    Him n me

    So what is the

    Effing game!

    I can tell u this much

    Not a game I wanna play

    Any longer

    Nor ever again

    Once is far enough

    Storm mine

    Pick up again

    Let it roam wilder

    Than the fiercest of




    It doesn´t soothe

    My hurting soul

    Nor my haunted mind

    What can one do?




    Any suggestions?

    Mail me if u have ém.

    Bente Millek copy right 2012

  • Growing weak

    I´m in a phase

    All fell apart

    Coping as best

    As I can yet




    Heard his world is crashing

    Went snort

    Oughta feel sorry 4 him?

    I won´t , I can´t

    I need help

    I love him still

    N I feel like

    I am again

    Gonna forgive him

    N let myself

    Trip into

    Another trap

    Filled with spikes

    What the hell

    Is going on here


    Hit me


    Slap me


    Tell me this is

    One ass bad idea


    I love him

    I love him still

    But to use lines

    From a show I love

    I guess

    He is no good 4 me

    He just ain´t no good 4 me

    No more

    Damn this heart of mine

    Damn this soul of mine

    It goes again

    What if?

    Why not?

    What have u 2 loose?

    How about my fucking


    How about my fucking integrity?

    How about my fucking pride?

    If it could happen

    If it was possible

    I would have ALL n

    Everything 2 loose


    I don´t know

    I really don´t

    But I DO know THIS

    That small tiny SPECK

    Of a gesture

    “don´t be mad at me”

    Peace offering?

    Is not near enough

    I want SOLID proof

    I want TANGIBLE proof

    I WANT a 2 my face

    2 my person

    In person




    I sincerely doubt

    That´s EVER gonna happen

    So onward I go

    As best as I can

    Burying this love

    That can not b

    This love that thrived

    For so long

    This love that slowly

    Kills instead of revives

    On this tombstone stands

    The love that never grew

    The love that never thrived

    The love that died in infancy

    A love lost 4 all times


    Bente Millek copyright 2012

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