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  • Hi I would love a reading on if I will me moving where I live now or will I continue to live here . I live with my parents in an apt building. We are having a couple of problems in the apartment I just would like insight.

  • Sure thing we can try a reading on that

    I selected the Magician card as the significator as this is about a housing issue and the Magician key in Kabbalah is "house".

    So... I drew one card and that is the 8 of wands. 8's are organizing energies, so that sorta sounds like packing to me... and wands are all about path, so that sounds like a "road" you will be traveling.

    One more card just to sort of confirm, and that is the Page of Wands, which does sound like a step into a new path. So my gut tells me you would be taking some sort of step soon in a new direction. Could be a move to a new location for sure!

    Blessings, astra

  • Hi AstraAngel would it be for the better and I am just worried because were I am living know my parents are able to afford. I am just afraid that if we do move my parents won't be able to.

  • Oh hmm...

    Well let's see... tell you what, I will select some cards to represent a time line them and you, sort of in tandem. Then we will be on the lookout for a point where it may look like you move, and we can see where things go from there.

    So we'll keep that Magician card for you, and I will select a couple of court card for your parents, Q and K of Swords.

    So you can see the cards in the photo moving from left to right...

    Them - Star

    You - 6 of Cups

    This is a stable situation with them, all is pretty nice and calm and sweet. Maybe sort of describing the general background of the relationship and all, looks nice to me.


    Then - 6 of Wands

    You - 10 of Wands

    Ahh... now we see a little conflict, with you as you are trying to make a decision (10 swords is a crossroads choice point). They are at a 6 wands which is very nice stable wand path energy, so I have the sense they are trying perhaps to show you how wonderful it is there and why not stay? Something like that. You Dad might actually start mowing the yard once in a while... haha.. I am just kidding.....

    Then, I think we reach the relocation with

    Them - Page of Cups

    You - Queen of Cups

    So here is risking sort of new thing emotions with them, probably the way they are feeling about the move. They may see it as a risk on some level emotionally. You however are showing great strength and poise with your emotions, staying strong. So I kinda have the sense that something emotional develops here, with a combined "risk" and "maturity" in emotions between you.

    Then, we may be looking at the path afterwards after you move out.

    Them - 5 of Wands - so this is path change energies, so they are adjusting in their own personal paths here. These are normal day to day energies, so no biggie.

    You - 9 of Wands - while at the same time, you are showing a strong integrated path/lifestyle here, perhaps after moving you are getting everything in order in your new place, and setting everything in place, complete. Where to put that one wicker chair... hmmm.... So that could be your 9 wands.


    Them - 4 of Swords. Which is very restful and calm energy of thoughts, very stable. So the feel here is that after the path changes (5) they are are at peace about. No problemo.

    You - High Priestess! High priestess is a sort of a mystery card, higher purpose and it means "camel" in the Kabbalah key *this is from Paul Foster Case's book on the Tarot I am working from here). And that is often associated with travel. Or maybe you are doing some traveling here? your work maybe...

    Lastly, extending on out it looks very very good for your parents, as the Empress card is associated with them here, and that is VERY nurturing and abundant energies. So this looks very favorable.

    You here are the 7 of wands, so that continues the 9 wands from earlier and represents some path/role imagination, perhaps you are now looking for a matching wicker chair at Pier One, they have a great one on sale right now - see below!!! 🙂

    Hey I hope that gives you something to consider. I am sure the Universe is going to make sure everything is taken care of, so no worries for you. and them either.



  • Thanks AstraAngel.

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