Going For It, Grounding Realities Or Grinding To A Halt: September's Aries Full

  • ***** = p hysical

  • Not physical sorry ***** = v isual

  • Thats wonderful, I think you are stronger than you realize! Peace, Love and Light!

  • Greenshoots, my guides tell me that we all have an inward-focus switch and an outward-focus switch. While it is good to focus inward in order to understand ourselves better, if we want to 'hear the angels singing' we must switch to an outward focus away from ourselves for a while.

    By 'forces of darkness', I mean all those who are selfish enough to want to enslave, harm or degrade others by any means they see fit in order to gain what they think is power. You encountered one of those beings - they are frightened of the light and so it struck out at you. Before you send light or healing to anyone, you must ask the guides if in that particular instance it is right to do so. Sometimes it will be right and sometimes there will be nothing you can do and may put yourself in harm's way. We should never send healing or light to anyone without checking with the angels and guides first. It may be part of someone's life lessons to endure pain and suffering in order to temper and refine their souls, so we should not seek always to take their pain away if it is necessary to their ultimate growth and evolution. But we can ask if we can help in other ways.

  • Great info Captain!

  • Ok. Many thanks for that Captain; that's good and clear.

    Plenty to think about.

    Love to you both.

  • 🙂

  • Today is a very special day, I can feel it. I would call today "The Return of Balance and Power to the Side of Light."

  • Gee, is that why all I feel like doing is sitting in the sun day-dreaming? I have all this mowing to do, couldn't split any wood to save my life (block-buster head came off and got stuck in a piece, axe is stuck too, so I gave up) and presently have achieved NOTHING except mooching about 🙂

  • No Moonswatter, dearie, that is called 'goofing off!' 😉

    But you deserve a rest after what you have been through lately.

  • Thanks Swatted; I have decided to goof off instead of WORKING 🙂 Been editing some of my poems in readiness for the publication of my tomes (yeah right, need to actually APPROACH an editor and publisher first methinks haha).

  • I used to write poetry got lazy. Have a wonderful 10/10

  • I felt good yesterday too.

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