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  • I feel like you have not extended your job search far enough due to lack of time it is taking longer than hoped .

    There is the name of Green coming in here and Arrow also company wise.

    Jack is a man that will interview you in the HR field and this will include something that is new to the field and you will learn how to do this paperwork.

    I feel it to be a 9-6 job and you will like it enough to stay put for awhile.

    It will not be to far from where you live and that will be a plus for you Red brick building and a third floor seat for you if you choose to take the job.

    This is near in the next 3 days or weeks.

    Good Luck To You


  • Thank you, Shuabby! Where should I extend my job search? Should I broaden my search to look at jobs at a further distance, such as out-of-state? Or do you mean, I should look at a wider variety of human resources jobs? Again, I appreciate your insights!

  • Lifer

    You can make the choice to look out of state , however I do not feel a long distance move at this time , you know what your skills are in HR and also that you are capable of learning extended knowledge in this field. Yes, by all means look at a wider variety of jobs. I know I will be hearing back from you with good news soon.


  • Thanks so much, Shuabby! I will definitely let you know when I land a job.

    Blessings to you.

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