Full Moon in Aries: 9.29.12 – Say you want a Revolution? Better hold onto your h

  • a message from Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

    Hello dear readers. So this week we have another pass of the Uranus/Pluto square making a big connection with the upcoming Full Moon in Aries which has some people feeling dread. As a side note, we have five more direct alignments of the Uranus/Pluto square energy between now and 2015. A personal and collective transformation is real and we’re soaking in it! I see this upcoming Full Moon as an interesting opportunity. Let’s explore this further.

    Aries is a BOLD energy there’s no doubt about it. It’s great for starting new things, independent action and awakening our inner warrior spirit. It also (on its lower octave) can be reactionary, selfish, childish, and enjoys starting fights. The word “Firestarter” also comes to mind. When pondering the Aries Full Moon I heard lyrics from “Revolution” by the Beatles in my head. Especially, “You say you want a Revolution? You know, we all want to change the world.” Thank you Mr. Lennon! Uranus in Aries = Revolution (in consciousness.) Pluto in Capricorn = Revelation, and the breaking down of archaic structures that are no longer serving us personally or collectively. So if you want a revolution, you might have to break a few eggs.

    Beatles – Revolution!

    Revolution: sudden or momentous change. So beloved readers, what life areas would you welcome a momentous change? Replacing love over fear? Faith over doubt? Abundance over lack?

    Aries also has a very high spiritual octave as well. We certainly must not forget Swami Mutkananda and Baba Ram Dass (Sun in Aries) who both have revolutionized spirituality in their own unique ways. “The secret of Aries is the secret of beginnings, of cycles and of emerging opportunity. At the third initiation, the initiate begins to understand the life of the spirit or the highest aspect; until that time, he has expressed first the life of the form and then the life of the soul within that form. This experience is of so high a nature that only those who have passed through it could in any way comprehend anything I might say.” – Michael D. Robbins/Esoteric Astrology

    The Sabian Symbol for 7°22′ Aries is: A large woman’s hat with streamers blown by an East wind. Protection and spiritual guidance in the development of consciousness.

    The image implies a rather strong wind, thus the activity of some more-than-material, and especially psychic, forces. These originated in the East, traditionally the seat of spiritualizing and creative-transforming influences. The woman’s hat has streamers, which enable it not only to respond to the wind but to indicate its source. In other words, the image symbolizes a stage of development of consciousness in which the nascent powers of the mind are both protected and influenced by energies of a spiritual origin. Under protective guidance, a most receptive person is being influenced by spiritual forces. – Dane Rudhyar

    Full Moon Message

    We see that this powerful moon and also another pass in the Uranus/Pluto square energies is an opportunity to bless and welcome the energy of personal and collective revolution. See what happens when you set a place at your table for them and make them a friend instead of a foe. As it has often been said, it is the resistance to change that can increase suffering. Be at peace dear ones. Utilize these powerful energies as an opportunity to initiate and carry out “martial” changes both personally and collectively. Bear in mind that these energies have the blessing of higher consciousness guidance behind them. Go forward in great Light. Shanti. – The Akashic Wisdom Keepers, 9.23.12

    So it is important to remember that even if we are being “shaken up,” we are not without protective and wise guidance. You say you want a Revolution? The best place to start is within.

    The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives. – William James

    Love & blessings all,

    Irma Kaye Sawyer/Cosmic Weather

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  • How are you Dmick? I'm hanging in there, sometimes beaming, sometimes dragging, but hanging on never the less, can believe how far we have come this year already? I'm growing a lot spiritually but still don't know all the answers just some, I think it's best to say "I know nothing." Be empty so that you can be filled, read that somewhere.

    I just try to share everything, a lot of stuff I can't post unless I'm home on the computer and I don't want to overwhelm folks. I think we need to set our Intentions and focus on them more, hard for me because my imagination is Hyper. I need more coffee, will check back later. Take care!

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