Interpretation of Major Arcana

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    I often use the Celtic Cross spread to ask about a particular person in my life. We had a mutual attraction, however, we remained acquaintances. We run into each other quite often, so I often ask the cards about the possibility of us actually moving forward into a different type of relationship. Ever time I do a spread on this, 6-7 of the 10 cards are part of the major arcana.

    Depending on what I ask, they may be different cards, or located in different positions in the spread, but it never fails that a large number appear. I often see The Fool as an influencing energy on the outcome, and the Sun is always in the past position. Other than that, there is typically a mixture of The World, The Magician, Judgement, and sometimes Temperance throughout a spread, though, again, it depends on what aspect of the relationship I am actually asking about... I would love some insight into this, as it doesn't happen when I ask my cards about any other topic!! Thanks a lot 🙂

  • 0220starlight, I'll do a reading for you and have up later. Regarding your cards, would have to see the positions as well.

  • Haven't forgotten...just working alot of overtime. Will get to it soon

  • 0220starlight, I did a reading for you. Drew a lot of coins cards. This indicates to me that this is a financial reading, as much as anything. In present, starting over/clean slate. Wisdom accrued has gotten you where you are now. Feeling like you want to branch-out into something different. There may be a need to escape some boredom you're feeling. Situation involves breaking free from others. Financial impact regarding something. Decision needing to be made that will have impact. Are you taking a time out to see where the chips may fall.Help in friends/assoc. Will need more input from you regarding this move or impact of what's going on. It's like you don't know how to move forward. We all must strive/work to get where we want to be. Perhaps knowing that you can accomplish something is the spark you need.


    present--page of rods

    above--queen of swords

    below--knight of coins

    situation--5 of swords


    challenges--10 of coins

    future--4 of swords

    blocks--2 of coins

    friends--queen of coins


    outcome--7 of coins

  • Thank you very much! I have been contemplating a lot of new directions in life

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