Looking for a tarot reading

  • To whomever that feel a connection, can I please have a tarot reading for my love life in general for the rest of the year.

    Should I keep looking, take a break, or let her come to me?

    I know every situation is different, but just wondering if there's any insight I can get.

    Thx a bunch

  • Hi hopeful Leo

    I took a shot at this see what you think

    7 Wands, King Cups, Ace Swords, Justice and King Wands

    Well my first thought was this is lot of releasing and re-balancing energies. The focus is on you with some path concerns, (7 of wands) you could be re-examining your career path, job, creative work. Then the 2 kings are releasing emotions and path issues, so I think you are shifting now more toward your work and success and not so much on chasing the girls. I am sure she will be there for you at the right time. The Ace swords also seems to showcase a new thought, concept or approach in your path that will soon arrive for you.

  • AstraAngel, Tks, I was just told by my boss on Thu that I'll be transferred to a brand new dept at work.

    It's more or less the same thing that I'm currently working on, just more intense and focus on a few major accts .

    But then I'll be lead by someone that I don't really have much respect of, professional wise, he's a nice person, but a follower instead of a leader.

    I am considering looking for a new job.

    In terms of love, does it mean that you don't see anything in the near future?

    Reason I ask is that, I'm trying to avoid running into the last one, so I haven't attent much my our common friends event in the pass months.

    Plus I know these friends means a lot to her and they were kinda mad at her for ditching me for someone else.

    I know we will never be together, but I still care about her.

    I don't want her to lose these friends because of me, I can be on my own but she needs a lot of friends around her.

    So it is worth it for me to go out and start meeting new people, or should I just take a break on love and focus on work.

    And when you say "The Ace swords also seems to showcase a new thought, concept or approach in your path that will soon arrive for you" Which path is this referring to, love or career?

    Tks for ur insight.

  • Good news Hopeful Leo

    Been pondering your situation and as I sat down to look with the cards, these two cards sorta popped out and hit the floor (good sign to me)

    Queen of Cups, and the 3 of Pentacles.

    A lady and work. This is someone you are in love with, right?

    She is very significant for you. I am feeling you may be headed her way somehow? For her to show up like that so quick seemed important somehow. I tell you what, I am praying for you and your situation to simply WORK OUT nicely okay... trust in the Universe. Above, and relax. That is a crack team up there they know what they are doing ... crack, like experts, not the other kind, ha ha... 🙂

    So I totally see love coming for you, matter of fact she is already with you! 🙂

    Generally speaking it is better to focus on work... and let love matters be handled from above... these cards sorta seem to be saying that don't you think? She, as the "hope" of her, is with you now... and work is your focus. Something like that... you may still meet new people however once she is in you, she is in you, and I am sure you in her.

    Oh so that Ace Swords, let me see... hmm....

    Yes it seems to be your work focus really. Single minded... on work and REST WHILE HEAVEN DOES THE REST... hope that's okay to cap that!, that seems to be good advice in general.

    Hope that gives you something to think on... blessings


  • Hi AstraAngel

    I don't quite understand "these cards sorta seem to be saying that don't you think? She, as the "hope" of her, is with you now... and work is your focus. Something like that... you may still meet new people however once she is in you, she is in you, and I am sure you in her."

    What you mean by "She, as the "hope" of her"

    Thanks for your time.

  • The "hope of her" is a spiritual higher being (angel or something like that) who is the transcended expression of love . You have a relationship with a higher being (guardian angel) who represents your "true mate". The flesh (people you know and meet) are manifestations of her love for you as she wills. That is my understanding of how higher love works. it really comes down to your relationship with your angelic better half in a way.

    Not sure if that will make sense to you, however that appears to be the path. Meeting your true companion "in the air" as the bible says...


  • I guess it will take some time for me to understand this, whether is a her or "Her", it doesn't seems like it will happen any time soon.

    At least I know all the gals that i love are in good hands now.

    Hopfully I will meet someone who loves me as much as i love her!

    Until then, Maybe I should just continue to focus on building my career.

  • If you are really serious about finding a companion I would join a good church or spiritual group where you feel comfortable. Let Heaven bring someone across your path. While you focus as you say on your career.

    "Her" is not going to draw too much attention to Herself, however she is there should you want to enjoy a spiritual relationship. She transcends all of the women you know, have known, will now.

    She is essentially the Female equivalent of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ as a girl. Angel girl.

    Don't ask me to explain, because the angels will make sure it sounds like gobble-dy-gook to you so you remain in a place of pure faith (ie, nothing making sense, nothing adding up, nothing happening that you can see or touch or believe in that is real).

    That seems to be the agenda. Good luck is all I can tell you. I have yet to get any substantive answers.

    I thought for quite a while now that this is extraterrestrial involvement. that the Tarot is sort of an alien technology given to us to either help us find a lover, or to make sure we never do. One way or the other you still find true love. Even if your girlfriend turns out to be the Holy Spirit (as a girl) and you can't actually touch her, or do anything to her, with her, or have any babies with her. (Unless she is having spiritual babies that we can't see).

    In a lot of ways a spiritual girlfriend beats the pants off of a physical thing. You don't have to deal with, you know. stuff. Games. Strategy. Girls are good at that stuff. I dunno maybe the angels are plotting and scheming too, maybe they are all fighting up there the same way we do down here. I give up trying to wrap my head around it.

    So, my path has been trying to tell the difference between angels and stuff you touch.

    The "flesh" as the bible calls it. Which can be anything. Angels can be a girl, they can also be a butterfly, a whisper from nowhere, a moon rise. The important thing is the relationship itself, not the window dressing.

    Your mileage may vary. Hope I am not causing more confusion for you, entirely possible.

    Sorry I am not more help. Guys are totally way behind the 8 ball on love... I will say one thing though.

    The Earth was given to Adam to take care of. Not Eve.

    Eve came much later. She was created just to keep the race going until the male presence wakes up.

    There was someone before Eve. A much higher being. If you believe anything you read in the bible.

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