Captain, your thought please?

  • And from ur words, I sense he's not over me yet?

  • Okay Captain, I decided to tell u what went downhill between us as I do need your insights - I found it very puzzling and confusing.

    So we were separated for a couple months and he contacted me and we got back. During the separation I found out he was on a dating site. I didn't say anything as I understood our situation. Two days after we got back, I noticed he logged on that dating site again. As soon as I saw that, I called him and yelled at him saying I'm done with him. We haven't spoken ever since. That's what went wrong between us. As I was talking to my close friend today, I realized I didn't know why he did that. I mean... Did he just want to keep his options open which means he subconsciously thought he could find a better gf than me? Or did he do that becuz he didn't have much faith in me that he didn't think I would choose to be with him for a long long time? I say this becuz I know deeply he is very sensitive and is constantly afraid of being abondoned. And he also knows I'm quite desirable that he might consider himself not my first or best choice. What u think captain? Thanks!

  • Yes he is very insecure and wanted to keep his options open in case you dumped him. It will take a long time before he loses his fears.

  • I see. Never thought about that 😞

    But Captain, Will he be faithful to me as long as I'm with him?

  • No because he doesn't believe you(or anyone) would be faithful to him.

  • Yike! Didn't expect to hear that.

    I mean.. I always thought he were a faithful man when I was with him. Here is my another question(sorry Captain, I have so many questions 😕 ) just curious to know - how do u define his unfaithfulness? would he actually cheat on his partner by meeting another woman n maybe having s e x with her? Or would he just simply look around but not really do the actual cheating part?

  • That I asked this was becuz earlier u said he would keep his options open in case I dumped it made me wonder if he's doing this as a backup plan... Since its a backup plan, he wouldn't cheat until I left him...

  • And Captain, do u feel if he wil contact me soon? Tomorrow or so? Cuz I really need to talk to him..

    Pls let me know. Thanks Captain!

  • You should hope he leaves your life and that you move on to someone more stable and secure in himself. This guy will only cause you grief. Don't think that someone is 'safe' because you know them. Be brave and seek out new people.

  • I feel the same, Captain. Maybe it's becuz I'm in PMS mood, I was very emotional last couple days. In general, he's a nice guy and I'm sorry he has lots of trouble inside. I decided to write him a proper email to give our relationship a closure. Again, thank you Captain for your continuous help 🙂 much appreciated.

  • Captain - thanks for the vibe reading.

    Regarding this man we talked earlier, I have a couple more questions if u don't mind. Has he figured out which ID on that dating site is me? U mentioned earlier that he he checked out that site to see if I'm doing online dating...

    I noticed he's still on that site, checking in quite often.. Is he still trying to check to see I'm on there or is he looking for a girl for herself which has nothing to do w me? Ur thoughts? Thanks !

  • I don't feel this line of thought is productive for you. It shows your insecurity about yourself and your lovability, however. That is where you should be focusing and trying to heal. Not on some loser you are better off forgetting...

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