Blmoon...can you give my friend a reading?

  • Dear Blmoon,

    I want to thank you ever so much still for your last reading for me last march. It truly changed my entire view(s) on everything and it truly came at a time in life when I needed it the most. 🙂 Thank you ever so much again. 🙂

    This time I want to ask you if you could do a reading for my friend. I don't know if it's the right or wrong thing to do, since he's very sceptical about psychics and the metaphysical (some aspects of it at least), and I normally wouldn't do this, but I feel like he needs some help or maybe guidance.

    I've really tried to help him but all I can do is give him is my friendship and support and maybe also some enlightenment here-and-there. But I still feel like he's going through a really tough & painful time, and I don't know what else to do for him.

    I feel like he's very much like me, and that he too has problems asking for help, but that he subtly screams out for help these days, and I also get a nudging from some spirit guides (his? mine?) too help him out by contacting you.

    If you feel that it's the right thing to do, then please give him a reading, and please make it out to him directly, because I'll most likely just copy-and-paste it to him in an e-mail for him to read directly. And if you however think or feel that it's the wrong thing to do, and that I should mind my own business:) then feel free to say that to me, as well:) As, I'm really in doubt as to whether I'm doing the right thing, in so far as I'm asking for a reading on his behalf without his prior permission. But I do really want to help him out ...somehow.

    There's one last thing - he keeps referring to me as a "lost child" or a "lost soul" and keeps saying that he believes that the reason for us meeting again after 10 years is so that he can teach me spiritual things AND help me find DIRECTION. Hehe, my leo ego, of course, doesn't like hearing that, but I'll agree to the fact that we're mutually teaching each other other things and learning from each other during this time in our lives- but I can't help latch on to the fact that he keeps referring to me as "lost" and directionless - however, I don't at all identify with that since I have a very strong sense of purpose and direction in life, and therefore I can't help to think that it reflects more upon himself than it does on me, that he himself feels that he's a "lost" child, somehow. I don't know. I keep feeling that that "lost child" sentence is key somehow, since he keeps mentioning it.

    I hope you can help him somehow, or maybe give me some advice as to how I can help him. Any help is immensely appreciated:)

    Thank you again, and I hope that I didn't give too much info. I know that you want to get as clear a vibe as possible when doing readings. One last thing, his name is T and his birthday is Apr. 1, 1982, if that at all helps anything:)

    Thank you again, and much thankfulness and best wishes to you, Blmoon 🙂


  • He is born on April fools! I am not getting a direct reading for him. I only pick up you in relationship to him and since he's not asking me for one there is no intention from him to receive. I'm confused by your impression of him as you say he is not open minded about spirituality and guidance from psychics yet he claims to be in your life as a spiritual guide? Is he saying he doesn't trust psychics OR that he doesn't trust your ability to know one? You see him as lost and he sees you as lost but each of you do not see that as true in yourselves. As if you both must be either the helper or the leader. You? The helper--he? The leader? But this is all illusion. When someone sees you as something you are not do not let that red flag go. If you had said he wanted to help you AND his life reflected someone with the wisdom for good choices and his life generally had a positive direction and he was usually a light in any room well then you can respect he may indeed be someone to help you. BUT your concern for him is too big to ignore. Is he well guided or not?. And if not why are you attracted to someone who would pursuade you to believe you need his help. That can be a controling aspect in his nature and not a flaw in yours other than you do deep down still have a wounded child waiting to be taken care of properly. Rescued. Are you two mirroring that in each other--he wants to rescue you yet you want to rescue him? We are all a lost child now and then but to be in that mindset too much is abusive to oneself. Some days you are a very wise soul! I get that there is a seduc tion going on between you and him and it is trying to get you to see the part of yourselves you both ignore so there is a magnetic pull between you but it is a bit abrasive--you bring out the ego in each other as the ego is the thing that guards our shadow side. Also, you can not help someone who does not want to be helped. I can not direct anything to him--only answer what comes for you. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Blmoon,

    Thank you for your reading 🙂

    I think you're right about the fact that it is, in fact, my CONCERN for him that's "too big to ignore". I actually yesterday already had begun regretting that I'd made that post. I think I realized yesterday that - because my programming course ended last friday, which was the one thing that gave me a sense of meaning and something to wake up for in the mornings for a long time - that all of a sudden when that ended--I had to fill the void with something. And that "something" just happened to be misplaced concern for another fellow human being. I think I needed the project [aka. the "distraction" 🙂 ]. But as you already pointed out to me in another reading, I do have problems with boundaries 🙂 I have a Saturn in Libra 🙂 And so does he:) And it's both of ours Saturn return, so we're having some problems with that, lol 🙂 We also both have Jupiter in Scorpio (sighs exhaustedly), and Capricorn/Cancer-north nodes, and in general very, very similar birth charts. So you're very, very right about the fact that we mirror each other - both our problematic points but also our strengths. And I think that's why we have such great chemistry and such a great friendship since we really have the same emotional styles. I think I've just been worried about him, since I know how low I fell during my Saturn return, and I could see some of the same conflicts, controversies, painfull & emotional experiences that he was going through, that very much reflected my own experiences, and I guess it hurt me just as much to look at (that darn Saturn in Libra again:) as it hurt him to go through. So yeah, I guess I just wanted him to have some peace & happiness so that I wouldn't have to keep reliving and rehashing all those painful Saturn return and Nodal issues. A bit selfish I can see, now. But yeah, I guess I can see now, that we all have to work through those Saturn & Nodal issues and face them until we have "fixed"/"worked through" them - which definitely can take a vast amount of years, lol:) Because he really doesn't need my help because he's just as you described, a good man, a man who's life in general has a positive direction, a man who makes good choices, and he is a man who is a light in any room. I think I was just seeing the problems that he was having with his Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn in Libra and Nodal return things, because they reflected my own and they were just as painful to watch, as they were/are(!) to live through:)

    Thanks Blmoon:) I've really grown wiser and gotten a lot more self-insight from this post in and by itself.

    And thank you also ever much also for reminding me, that just because someone sees me as something that I'm not, not to let that red flag go! I was kinda getting a red flag again when I was reading your post, lol:), since I don't see myself as a wounded child. But then I realised that you were actually saying that we're all wounded children on some days, and wise souls on others, strong warriors on others still - well, I'm paraphrasing a bit here, but you get the jiff 🙂

    Thanks again Blmoon!:)

  • P.S. By the way, he's an Aries and I have an Aries Moon ((& Leo Sun)) == so that's most definitely where the abrasiveness comes from, lol:) But I immensely enjoy healthy competitiveness & fun ego-clashing, and the Aries' men's warfaring attitudes and fearlessness. I absolutely adore Aries men. And I have come to realize that many of my closest guy friends and old boyfriends are Aries men.

    For some reason, I just wanted to explain this since you mentioned/picked up on the abrasiveness that we give off in our relationship with each other. And yes the abrasiveness does sometimes turn into a bit of anger & annoyance with each other, but mostly our "positive aggressiveness" (assertiveness?), competitiveness & ego-clashings are healthy and in good fun, and gives us a great opportunity to express all this Aries Mars energy that we both need to let out 🙂

    Thanks again, Blmoon!:)

  • I said at first to myself wow we communicate well! Then I laughed . My moon is in aries!

  • That's amazing! I do feel that we communicate really well 🙂 I've always also been drawn to reading all your posts ever since I began frequenting this forum. You give off such a good vibe + aura 🙂 And I read somewhere that your Sun is in Taurus. Wow!, a Taurus Sun with an Aries Moon - you must be a true force to be reckoned with in real life 🙂 That's 'wrecking ball'-type power & stamina 🙂 That's awesome! 🙂

    And thanks again for your time, insights, and for lending an ear in our troubled phases in life 🙂

    Wishing you the best, and hoping you have a great day!

    Thanks again!, LionessSun 😃

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