Tarot-nick a reading please

  • Tarot-nick, could i get a reading from you please?

  • moonalisa,

    there is an older woman who is generous and nice... on your mind

    Your feeling content and happy ... with your relationship

    but emotionally upset...like something wasn't fair

    that lead to your question of an obstacle... something that will become clearer to you

    you had someone watched over you...help with advise recently

    the other question is about a guy

    your feeling restless

    back of your mind your worried about how everything is working out...but I only get a good feeling

    with the relationship above i know you feel content, but it seemed you had to work at it for a while because your taking a breath, so continue on

    peace continues

    also it ends up successful.... smile and enjoy

    hope that helps,

  • Thank you tarot-nick :), yes i feel loved in my relationship although it would be even better if there weren't so many obstacles on our way at the moment. It's good to know, however, you see things working out for us.:) Thank you for this positive message.

    My job is something which occupies my mind right now as well. Do you see anything relating to this part of my life?

  • What made you upset? that didn't feel like it was related to the relationship lines 3 and 4

    There seems to be two areas you are thinking about and they intermingled in the reading, they bounced back and forth. So look carefully because they mirrored each other; at first I didn’t understand why it said you were restless and then brought up that you were content again with your relationship. (two different feelings) Lines 2 and 10 confirm each other and lines 12 or 13 were both good outcomes. I would say one covers your first question and the other covers the second one… either way it seems you have good luck and positive feelings. Trick is to look at what you are worried about and plan on how to make it better.

  • i wasn't sure if your message referred to something else apart from my relationship.

    I have a job but i do not want to stay there longer than necessary. I've been looking for something else for some time now but the offers i come across don't seem interesting enough. i would really like to finally do something more fulfilling. I am not in a hurry but my current job gives me quite some stress so i feel like having a change and sometimes get impatient that nothing suitable comes my way. Most importantly you see positive outcomes. 🙂 Thank you tarot-nick for the clarification.

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