Second opinion on a Tarot reading

  • I'd like a second opinion on a reading I was given from a psychic a year ago.

    A three card tarot reading. The !st card The Lovers, The Knight of Swords and

    the Ace of Cups. Its about a woman from my past. Thank you to you for your


  • It seems you went to the psycic in the first place because you were confused about having to make a choice between what is logical and what you feel, you were fighting internaly to decide which way to go, the ace of cups reflects an abudance of love should you decide to hang in there.

    This is how i would have inturpreted those cards. Good luck.

  • The first card is from the major arcana, the second is a court card, and the third is from the minor arcana. The Lovers may represent the relationship you had with this woman when things were good or at their peak. It was a love that came with expectations that it would last for a lifetime, a passionate, soul mate relationship that was believed to be bullet proof. Unfortunately, this relationship crumbled suddenly because of a dramatic, perhaps even cruel, event. Once this event happened, there was little to no chance of the relationship surviving. The Ace of Cups was trying to tell you that you can't go back, but the Ace offers tremendous potential for a new love if you can embrace it and let go of the past.

    That's how I would read these cards.

  • Hi Nautica:

    I almost have to agree with EmmalineG. In a 3 card readings there is always something indicating past, present and future. I wonder if your reader used reversals because all your cards are upright- and I am not sure if that is not a coincidence. The lovers card indicate exactly that you were lovers with that person in the past- the knight of swords show your current thoughts in the present- which is you are still thinking of that person and the future is well - love that shows me you will continue to love this person. If you broke up with this person it shows you will start new with them again. If you did not breakup then this will be indication of you thinking to start dating someone new.

    Anyway- good cards 🙂

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