Reading Please!

  • I had an interview with my dream job last week. Can anyone do a reading for me to see if I will get this job?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Confused888

    You will consider taking this job when offered however there is something better, I know (Better than a dream job) it being the next job you will be offered will bring with it more money and benifits. It very well could be that you join the company and move up the ladder to success.

    I feel good about you being employed soon here and see $$ so this is a good sign too.

    There is the name of Evan here and not sure as to where he fits in, but do feel that he is helpful to you. Susan is also another person to consider getting to know to help you along your career path.

    Joy is coming soon to you,


  • Shabby! Thank you so much for your prediction. You were right. I got this job.

    In terms of the second one... When do you see this one coming through? Do you know or can you sense anything about the place/name?

    Thank you so much for your insights and all of your help.

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