Hey AstraAngel :)

  • hey, i wanted to ask something

    my college start 1st october and i stll dont know will i go.i want to but at the same time im scared, and my dad still dosent know will he help, cause he dosent want me to go. and my sister dosent want to live alone, so it's all kinda complicated,.

    shoud i go? how will all turn out? will i go in the end?

    my sign is virgo

    thanks a lot astraangel

  • Yeah you totally should go to college.

    4 of pents, Hanged Man, Hermit and the Death (nun) card. There are going to be some endings in your life (so long dad and sis) and your focus really needs to be on YOU at this time, establishing solid foundations in your life (a good education). Hermit seems to be you living your own life.

    The Hanged man, I am not sure about that card. Could be you feeling hung in the matter, "...what do I do? I am stuck!" That is okay to feel that way for now... The Universe will work it out so you can go.

    Me? I would be keep doing whatever you can do to go to college... keep it low key. Take your sister with you maybe.

    Listen to your own heart...

    When you are looking for work and don't have a degree, your dad and sis ain't gonna be there to help you find a good paying job.

  • im going to try to, well my college in my country expecially isnt something that you can easily find job with,almost impossible so that's why my dad dosent support, and because my health issuse it would be better to stay here, but i wanna try.

  • i have a question, will my dad help find a place to live and support me in my decision?

    thank you

  • 9 of wands sounds like a yes to me.

  • thank you so much 🙂

  • so many complications, so i found place, it's not really what i was looking for, but i didnt have choice.and it's not free till sunday, so i have missed 1st of college, first my dad couldn drove me there, then i got sick, then we finally got there nad place wasnt free, so i have to go home, then i got sick again, i mean i got worried about some thing that has been hurting. so, everything got complicated. and my sister's feeling bad cause im leaving, she is in the house all the time, she want to anythig, that is mad at her.

    im so stressed out. i need to see some doctors, but i dont want to miss college again, so i will wait fe months.

    i wanna ask, how i will do on my own, going to college and stuff? will i have health issuse, some bigger or it will be ok?:)

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