• Hi I'm just curious when my mother is going to find love again? Shes lonesome and is the type of person who needs companionship.

  • She is too wary to attract anyone. The vibes she gives off prevent anyone getting close to her - I feel like she has emotional 'barbed wire' all around her. She will need to lower her defenses if she wants to meet someone special and have hope and faith instead of doubts and confusion in her heart.

  • Oh thank you. I read it to her she does agree. When do you see her finally meeting a nice guy? If that isn't too much to ask?

  • She will meet a wonderful man as soon as she puts this wariness aside, learns to trust more, and be more open. I cannot give an exact time frame as it is entirely up to your mother to remove her blocks to love. She has to put the past behind her and trust that it won't repeat itself or be full of deceit or unhappiness.

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