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  • hiya,

    If anyone is free and has time, id like a reading regarding myself and Jamie. I was wondering what hes feelings are towards me?

    thanks xx

  • Tissy86

    Jamie feels a bit of the free spirit to me , likes to have fun and can be very charming. He likes you and your energy as you two connect that way. I would keep a arms distance with him as he does not plan on settling down now as he has places to go and people to meet the same as you do. I feel he will keep in touch with you along his way and it is possible that you two could end up togeather (married) on down the road.


  • Thank you for the above reading Shuabby. I like how you described it...Ive places to go and people to meet. Its very positive.

    On another note, if I could be so forward as to ask another question? I am wondering why Sean has distanced himself from me. We once had a close friendship and now it seems to have dissolved. I dont know why and I miss him but that being said I dont know if we can repair it either or will things ever be the same between us again?

    No hassle if youd rather not read for the above.


    Tissy 86

  • Tissy86,

    Sean is moving on as he is suppose to do, you need to let it go and do the same. It is ok to miss someone it really is, there is also a time to know when to release them and look for another that will be there for you. You will encounter such a man soon, another free spirit he will be but he will have staying power with you.


  • wow this is upsetting to hear but i guess I knew this already deep down. thank you for taking the time out to read for me.

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