A question regarding Positive Thinking - the power of the mind

  • Do you believe that positive thinking can increase your success? Do you believe the same about negative thinking? Can it hold you back from your true potential? Any examples?

  • livingadream,

    i firmly believe in the power of the mind, not only for our sucess in a professional life but also, in heatlh and even material luck,

    we are not only what we eat, because we also feed our minds with our thoughts, and it starts as early as childhold and maybe even as a fetus, from what we feel around us,

    i had alot of personal experiences with power of the mind, in 1985 i got very sick with lukemia and rhuemotoid arthritis, the doctor told me he gave me six months to live , my kids range from 13- sixteen at that time, , i told the doctor, i am going to live, last month my youngest grandaughter celeberated her 13th birthday,

    you can never tell a child u are stupid, because that s the message you are sending to the child in his or her mind, you want your child or a child to strive, so send positive messages to the child mind, the child will difently strive,

    in my years of life, i have send children say and repeat i am going to be a doctor, or lawyer, or cop, and this is what they have done, the mind is a powerful tool, it is the most powerful tool we have but it also can backfire on us if we feed it the wrong information, i cant do it, it is too hard for me to learn that, any negative message we should elimanate from our vocabulary,

    we can use the power of the mind positively or negavity,

    no matter what we want, we visualize and bring it to life, yes, i firmly believe our thought do come to life as we project them,

    i have heard cases, were kids are so rude, and wild, and have been turn around through positive messages and love from adults, it makes you wonder, and the same posibly can be said about good kids, that somehow have encounter negative messages,

    yes, you can successed or fail, depending on the message you are sending to yourself,

    it is my firm belief, thank you for bringing up this great topic,


  • Ramonita,

    Thanks for your insight ! I appreciate that you shared your experiences with me.

    Many Blessings!

  • Ramonita, I also wanted to say that I am so glad that you were able to overcome your past medical conditions and are here to share your experiences and triumphs! Many Blessings!

  • livingadream

    thank you,

    power of mind positive attracts positive,

    negative attracts negative,

    i teach my grand kids to use it, up to the moment the results have been good,

    they are not perfect humans, the important thing is they do better and everyday they work towards improving more,

    thank you livingadream

  • I would recomment to watch some Bruce Lipton's videos on YouTube, or read his "Biology of Belief" book. He is a scientist, and explains how the subconscious mind creates our reality from the scientific point of view. Very interesting ! According to him, if one wasn't fortunate enough to be exposed to positive ways of relating to the world as a child, one has to re-program his subconscious mind, through putting yourself into a healthy enviroment, and aquiring new, positive subconscious habits.

  • "I've never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful."

    Author unknown

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