• I am not exactly sure what I am looking for, but I am at a cross road in life right now. And wanted to see if anyone has any advice.

  • hi jessandRaRa,

    Here is a reading for you,

    your your mind is an older gentlemen...nice...wise

    but your worried you are not going to find happiness

    because you have been fighting

    one of your questions is that you have had a set back, have courage and be strong

    recently someone had tried to talk to you, but you didn't want to hear what he said... i almost get the feeling... lalalalala

    The younger guy to your question can be exciting and fun... but has a mean streak... he will forge ahead...right or wrong.

    there is a woman who is watching out...observing.. feels like she can give advise

    deep down you feel the guy is nice and want to look at the good side, but he is just as easy to love as to anger.... I think that bothers you.

    that is leaving you restless...and maybe looking for a change

    know things work themselves out...time will tell... trust yourself and your heart

    work hard and you will get what you need... it will take some work to achieve what you want... but that is a good thing makes you stronger because of it.

    hope that helps,

  • Thank you for ur reply. 🙂

    I think my setback you picked up on is that I am almost done with school. (one semester left) and now I am uncertain if that is really what I should be doing. The guys your talking about I am unsure of who they may be.

    Thanks. Again,


  • Hi JessandRaRa,

    The first guy was like a father figure, good and wise. The other one, is either someone you are attracted to or seeing.

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