Answers Please???

  • My name is Dan and I need some advice and questions answering if you wouldn’t mind taking the time to just have a quick look and see if you can help please.

    I have always believed in the spiritual would and have encounter a few thing from a young age. The past year I have had some different encounters and want answers really.

    I started thinking about mediumship after an incident that happened to me. I was driving down a motorway when I happened to look in my rear view mirror and saw a nasty accident involving a black car go across a road and up a verge spinning out of control with smoke bellowing out from the car. I was shocked and about to stop but looked in front to watch where I was driving and looked back again and nothing was there, it was clear with no accident. I was shocked as it was so real and I definitely saw it.

    Carrying on down the road, about a minute later that exact accident with same car, same incident happened in front of me. Everything was the same and I knew what was going to happen next. Me being a paramedic then got out and helped etc and the lady driver thankfully survived but if I hadn’t seen that before I possible could have been in that accident.

    The interesting thing is this had also happened to me 2 times previous to this with car accidents. I started thinking why is this happening?

    When I’m in different situations I know when something bad is going to happen!

    Further to this, 4 weeks ago I moved in with my partner who always said their house was ‘haunted’ (personally I hate that word). Things started happening when I moved in like things of mine going missing when I needed then, voices, whispers and nocks.

    My father and step mum have recently joined a medium church and have been going to it weekly so one Sunday I went with them. I loved it and found it very interesting but after going their more things started happening.

    I started talking with the spirit within the house and was getting responses by either whispers, nocks etc. I did some research into the house and found nothing. The only thing was that it would answer to me and no one else.

    Then on day when I was in the house on my own I saw what I could only explain as my spirit guide. A figure with a bright white light in the centre of them walk past me, in front of me. It seemed like a male figure. It was warming and beautiful. I was in shock but ir drew me in.

    After this sighting things started happening more, when I lie in bed some nights it is there with me breathing on the side of my face. I can feel the breath and also the cold air, my face goes freezing cold to.

    This continued and still is at night but now I know when this person is here. I feel it when it’s in the room with me and now I’m even getting planted thoughts. I can’t explain them, it’s not me thinking its as if someone is putting them there and talking to me.

    I have seen my spirit guide several times now but it only really presents as a bright white light, this light will not let me look directly at it but I can see it and watch it in my peripheral vision. When it’s with my I get the mist uplifting feeling and I know it is there. The pins and needles and tingles shiver down my neck and spine.

    One of the reasons why I feel it is my spirit guide and not just a presents in this new house is because it follows me. I stayed at a friend ready for an exam and I went to bed anxious and worries about it. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and settle. I suddenly got the breathing on the side of my face again and a very heavy hand on my shoulder with the words “it’s going to be fine, your exam will go well, you will pass”. This was that person talking to me so I thanked it and went to sleep with no worry soon after.

    The questions I want to ask are, Is it my guide? I feel that it is but I don’t recognise them!

    Is this the start of mediumship?

    Where do I go next?

    When I saw those accidents, was it my guide protecting me?

    Are these planted thoughts spirits or my guide?

    If someone could just give me some answers or guidance that would be great!

    Many Thanks


  • We don't necessarily know our spirit guides - they are just wise spirits who come to guide us for as long as we need them, and they move on to be replaced by another as we change and grow. As long as this spirit is not upsetting you, then the experience will be a happy and beneficial one for you. If any spirit becomes bothersome, command it to go away into the light and maybe call on the angels or saints for help if you believe in them.

    The incident with the car is not mediumship, but part of your burgeoning psychic ability - a bit clairvoyance and a lot prescience. The more your ability grows, the more spiritual and psychic experiences you will have - and the spirits are more attracted to those who can sense them.

    Enjoy experiencing your guide - many people want to see or feel theirs but cannot because of fear

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