Just In Need Of A Prayer........

  • I really don't know what my purpose is in life and realized I am about to be 21 and don't see where my life is headed. I am so scared of the future because I feel I am not where I want to be personally or career wise. I know I need some patience and some positivity. I try not to cry over the past or think of things in a positive way. I don't know what to make of myself except the fact I go through way too many intense ups and downs that seem to take its hold on me and potentially kill me. I question God and my faith (as much as I try not to) then turn around and believe. Ive been through several things but my childhood trauma has really affected me til this day and I want to let go but its affecting how I feel about everything and everyone around me. I just do ok but am never satisfied. I really want to be-but I am crying out for help to anyone that can hear me. I am extremely jealous of others at times and hate the feeling that life has given me a bad hand and the next minute feel as if its for a reason.

    I don't want any readings and if you feel my energy or at least here me out just pray for me-please. I really just want you to pray for my soul that I can stay strong and continue on a positive path without self destruction. I hope I can feel a permanent turnaround into positivity eventually-I really do try. I am sorry if I am getting on your nerves or if you get tired of seeing me on this forum but please pray for me -I AM LITERALLY CRYING OUT FOR HELP.......

    Thank you for all that see this.

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  • We have heard you and God has. You will find your peace and happy place. Remember that you're at a turning point age now; it's make or break. If you want to succeed so badly and rise above all that stuff from the past that has sullied your sunshine, you will get out of it and you WILL succeed. Keep faith, in yourself and in the human race, regardless of how many times you get hurt or knocked down.

    Remember this old Japanese saying: Fall down seven times, get up eight.

    I have faith in you.



  • You are held.

    All love, Greenshoots

  • Asia I feel your pain dont succumb to her, dont think about the past, the past is behind you, you need to look at the future and make the best of it.

    Things look bad know but they will get better, trust me they always do.

    We cant forget about what was done to us in the past but we need to know how to live with it and not letting us be dragged by it.

    You must forgive and forgive you. Look at yourself in the mirror see what you have best in you, search inside your soul and you will find the answer.

    Don’t put yourself down, you are not a bad person, believe in yourself, pick up the pieces and built something new.

    You are making the terrible mistake of feeling jealous about others, because you don’t have what they have, don’t do that to yourself, you have to attracted positive things to your life and by doing that you wont, try to wish them love, happiness, success, get these thoughts out of your head, by doing that all that’s good will come back to you in double, positive thinking is the key.

    I know that right now all seems bad, things in our life happen for a reason, we just have to learn not to do the same mistakes, its part of our growing as spiritual beings.

    Think about it- How would it be possible for you to learn if all in your life was a bed of roses? We learn from the hard times. And you are so young you still have so many falls to take, you just need to do what all of us are doing, we fall and stand up again, dont rush into things, life has her own pace, and yours is just starting. You need to find balance, do yoga or reiki something that peaces your soul. you have to much energy that needs to be released, stay cool.

    Don’t give up on yourself NOW, my prayers are with you, put a smile on that beautiful face of yours and face the challenges.

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