Dear Captain.

  • Hi there. well to update you, i did fail this quarter. but i didnt give up by a long shot. i worked by butt off studying and doing whatever I could to pass. but i failed by less then a .25% of a percent. and the other class i failed a project cause i didnt put in-paragraph citations in my paper! never even heard of that, never done those before, and always got A's on papers. anywho, my last chance is the appeal they said. if i denied then my loans are due upon dismissal.

  • It may not be a bad thing completely if you don't get back to your studies, as I feel your head is spinning with way too many things on your plate at present. Working, school, money debts, relationships, family, living arrangements - when you are trying to handle everything at once, you get nothing done. You are spread way too thin and I feel you are exhausted - you need to cut back on something in order to return yourself to physical and emotional good health. You need to get away for a break, even just a weekend away would be good, to get your head on straight.

    I still feel you will come through this with your goals intact, but they might need some tweaking. For instance, if you definitely want to work with a vet, consider getting practical experience like volunteering at an animal shelter or trying for a job as a kennel or vet assistant for now, working your way up cleaning cages, feeding, bathing, trimming nails, administering medications, and providing basic daily care Once you prove yourself, you may have the opportunity to move up and assist the vet with exams, treatments and x-rays. Be flexible about getting your foot in the door.

  • Also you may be able to get into another vet tech course later, maybe at the local community college or somewhere else.

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