New friend

  • Hi!! wondering of new guy friend will ever feel better enuf 2 ask me out for coffee? or a date?

  • Is he sick?

  • Hi captain! Yes... Very bad brain tumor

    I haven't felt this kind of ' butterfly chemistry' in sooo long.. What do I do!!? I know he's very I'll. We actually need a miracle for his tumor and shunt in his head to stop hurting him so much.. But he kinda avoided me at the party, at first he was so cute to me, then he changed... I think it's the mess and pain, but then I thought he really isn't into me ? Not sure then why all the chemistry

    And in pics, it looks like we are kinda cute together... Thoughts?

  • Meds, not mess.. I meant

  • A man who thinks he is dying would not want to start a new relationship because he wouldn;t think it could go anywhere. Being so sick would leave him little time and energy to put into anything else.

  • Great insight... Thanks. Ur right ..I noticed he doesn't have any one. I just thought maybe he thinks he may live and love will help him. Ya think?

  • No, that is what you are thinking or hoping he thinks.

  • yah.. I thought maybe I had met the man I had always kinda wanted.. He is the right ( age, look, jewish, personality...etc..) but he is sick. I am not seeing how I couldnt make him better, falling in love does that, u know

  • I think you are concerned with how to handle the circumstances, and you need to balance your desires with spiritual needs to have a positive outcome. You are restless with how things have been going, and do not feel stable. Have you experienced a loss of power in your life? You need to let go of old habits, and face facts with clarity to see that what holds you back will pass. Instead of trying to fulfill your desires for love, you need to see that your friend needs you as a friend. If he is dealing with mortality, he does not need you to love him, but rather be there for him. I suggest being his friend, and a support system for now.

  • Wow that is just what I needed to hear... Bc I like him! I do. He was really in pain Saturday however he is not contacting me via fb and so I tend to think my 'crush' scared him off. Men can feel that energetically when they are slightly smothered ! Thank u !!!

  • Yah I would love to be his friend however, not sure if he will think I like him more then that. Can't fake it. But if he contacts me I will be his friend. I am not going to contact him. If we are even meant to be friends, I feel he has to make the effort. If he is really going to die soon, I would think he is already kinda left ( in his head) and I don't want to get in the way of his spiritual journey. Yes I had a huge loss. But I am going to make it! Got a new job that is part time however, it is so fun. Life is on my side. I need to let go of all obsessions of love. I just have this queen of hearts card in my Venus all year so new love is coming I thought it was him... So strange I feel like myself around him, that hasn't happened with a man for years!

  • You can't know what will happen with your friend, and he could be the one cause he may make it through. When I met my husband, I had just gone through a spiritual journey after divorcing an abusive man. I had been single for awhile, and like you thought there had to be someone for me. I was right, and so are you! We need love and companionship because that is part of being human; however, the other part of being human is our spiritual awareness. You need to work on your spiritual life first, and everything else will fall in place.

  • Yes ! I will. I am! Maybe David will get better . U know there's a part of me that thinks he's gonna make it!

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