Need a relationship reading...

  • I feel like I am dying inside. Dont know what to do. Not sure if it's the end of our story. love him, and dont wanna say goodbye. Can anyone shed some light on my current relationship with my boyfriend please? Thanks a lot.

  • hll,

    I saw this and decided to answer. I hope this is okay, considering you've asked for the Captain.

    He is being a coward. The question you need to answer honestly is, do you want a coward in your life? He's waiting for you to make the move because he won't, at least not directly. You deserve better than this. You deserve a man, not a boy. By all means, get in touch with him, because that is the only way you'll get clarification about this. As much as I sympathise with how this is hurting you, staying in this situation will keep on hurting you as he'll repeat this behaviour when the going gets tough.

    I am also getting that he wants everything his way, and runs off to lick his wounds when he's been hurt with little to no regard for any pain he has caused to another, including you. He needs to grow up.

    I am very sorry, but I can't see that this boy is worth the grief he's causing you. As said though, have it out with him if that means you calling him. Take back your power in this relationship. Don't let him ride over you because that is what he's doing with these silly power games.

    Of course, if you feel he's worth the trouble, then you'll find a way to make it work. So long as it doesn't mean you'll be the one constantly compromising and making allowances for his disappearances and immaturity.

    Again, I'm sorry I can't tell you what you want to hear.

    I wish you luck and the love you do deserve



  • Hi Moon,

    Thanks for the reading. Much appreciated. In fact, I am glad I requested a reading and got one from you. Before it, I was very uneasy. Wanted to make the first move (never did it before), but was torn with the prob of sending him the wrong message.. just like u said, i dont want everything on his terms. I cried a little bit after reading your post. i feel sorry for myself. heartbroken kinda feeling. I dont want a coward in my life, and I do want a man. Guess its time to let go. I hate this kind of feeling - sometimes you know he may not be the right one, but its so f ucking hard to say goodbye. Maybe I am the coward here! hate it. Well, I decided not to make the first move and leave him alone as long as he wants. in the meantime, I will go out trying to meet new ppl. Move on.

    The funny thing was I sort of have a "candidate" in mind. He's quite successful. late 30s. Remember the career reading you did for me long time ago. you said my new job will probably be travel involved which may not mean to commute. This guy actually has his own company and he's doing travel related business. How interesting. Maybe I can start dating him, and have a job lined up at the same time. Laughs.

    Thanks for the reading, Moon. I know your undergoing the same kind of transaction just like me. Please take good care of yourself n feel better. AND you also deserve one good one! good luck. Blessings!

  • Hey hll! I do remember that reading - vaguely - but do remember it!

    I did feel sorry that I got that about your current situation, but if it's any comfort to you, I also have a hard time saying goodbye. My last partner keeps maintaining this wall of silence outside of when I have to see him because of unavoidable things, but ... do I want someone back in my life who can run away from me and never even take the time to ask how I'm going without being prompted or having me standing there in front of him? He can't seem to understand that I'm trying to give him space, plus myself, and see where things go. However, with his constant ignorance of me, I don't think I'd want him back, so like you (and as much as I hate the thought), I think I'll have to say goodbye properly and move on from him. He doesn't deserve me and it's his loss. That's how I have to think on it.

    Yeah, why on earth don't you date this other guy? And there could be a job in it too! I believe it's called "networking" - and why on earth not network over a few drinks, a show and dinner??

    We both - and many others it seems - deserve someone to step up to the plate and show us they are willing to stick by us through thick and thin. Otherwise, what on earth are we bothering for? I'm tired of being the shoulder these silly boys lean on quite frankly. Give ande receive; that's how it should work.

    One day soon, we'll all be chatting about how good our lives are, how wonderful our new partners are and this will all be a distant, though fond, memory 🙂

    Best of luck! Keep me posted.



  • PS: You are not the coward either. You simply are well and truly over being on your own and getting little to no support from the significant other in your life.

  • Enjoyed every single word you had to say, Moon. Encouragement is much needed 😉 Thank you. Feel better. May you find your love soon!

  • May we both! I'm glad you feel better though 🙂



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