Can Everyone Just Pray For Me?

  • I really don't know what my purpose is in life and realized I am about to be 21 and don't see where my life is headed. I am so scared of the future because I feel I am not where I want to be personally or career wise. I know I need some patience and some positivity. I try not to cry over the past or think of things in a positive way. I don't know what to make of myself except the fact I go through way too many intense ups and downs that seem to take its hold on me and potentially kill me. I question God and my faith (as much as I try not to) then turn around and believe. Ive been through several things but my childhood trauma has really affected me til this day and I want to let go but its affecting how I feel about everything and everyone around me. I just do ok but am never satisfied. I really want to be-but I am crying out for help to anyone that can hear me. I am extremely jealous of others at times and hate the feeling that life has given me a bad hand and the next minute feel as if its for a reason.

    I don't want any readings and if you feel my energy or at least here me out just pray for me-please. I really just want you to pray for my soul that I can stay strong and continue on a positive path without self destruction. I hope I can feel a permanent turnaround into positivity eventually-I really do try. I am sorry if I am getting on your nerves or if you get tired of seeing me on this forum but please pray for me -I AM LITERALLY CRYING OUT FOR HELP.......

    Thank you for all that see this.

  • Asia118X

    I feel your plee for help and most certainly will pray for you. This is not a reading that I am giving you but some insight. Bad things happen to good people on this earth plane. My childhood was one of abuse and of course you remember it along the way. I learned that I am not a product of what I came from. I am much better for going through it. I can give help and love where I feel it is needed and have to be strong when I feel weak.

    My core muscles are almost made of steel at times.

    When you are 21 years old you are an adult and still yet a child and this is what you are experienceing now, the letting go is painful, so are the growing pains that follow. Like Garth Brooks says in his song. If you did'nt endure the pain you would not enjoy the dance of life.

    Being jealous of others only keeps your heart and mind in turmoil. It also makes you block the good that you have coming to you with negative thoughts.

    I now look at people that have so much more than I do and think I am glad for them as they have to take care of all that and work sometimes day and night to keep it. What is to envy?

    We receive what we are welling to committ our lives to achive. What is it that moves your heart and mind to a good peaceful place?

    I hope you have a pet to warm your heart at this time. as they love so unconditionally that they help their owners to learn to love that way too. Your finding your pathway now and sometimes confusion does set in even when you think you have it all, why? So that you don't forget there is a God that gets our attention and helps us to write: Pray for me Please

    Let us know how you are doing and progressing.

    God Bless You


  • Blessings Asia 118X


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