AstraAngel could you please give some insight?

  • A love question again from me.

    A Leo man got a hold of my heart, we connected (or I think) had some wonderful moments together when I visited him. It was only for a short while but enough to get me to fall for him even more.

    The question of "what next" came up and he told me that he cannot be with anyone right now, that he has trouble loving himself and so loving someone else is hard. That he got some issues in the past that still give him some trouble in his head.

    But I am wondering, what are his true feelings for me?

    Do you see a romantic future for us two?

    I feel he is a good man!

    Thank you very much!

  • Hi fishyone!

    Sure thing I'll draw some cards...

    You know, I do think he is really interested in you!

    Here is why...

    I drew 5 cards for each of you.... (your on the left, he is on the right)

    His cards are mostly all strong swords (9, 10 and 5) so he is REALLY thinking about something... and what might that be?

    Well, its taking some sort of tangible risk (page pentacles) with a Queen of Cups. So he may be wanting to take some step or action toward this Queen in some way. Some sort of physical expression.

    Your energies are mostly cups (5 of them in the Temperance card), and a ten cups so you must really like this guy! Total numerology cups are then 5 + 10 = 15 = 1+5 = 6 so 6 cups is the general love energy you are under right now. Which is something very soft and lovely and innocent, almost childlike in its purity. That is nice!

    3 swords also with you, so you are planning, and thinking more developed thoughts about him. You see him as a Knight of Pentacles (maybe you think of him as a very earthy and practical person). Temperance card also, so you are working with some blending energies, probably a desire to 'blend' with him in some way, right?

    Also you can see how the both of you share the same '2 pentacles" energy in your heart. He as the page and you have the 2 (they both show 2 pents, the Knight just places them in the corners signifying a step). So you two have a shared heart about love and relationship, and that bodes really well!

    So to me? It all looks fantastic for something to develop between you at this moment. Exciting!



  • Dear Astra!

    Thank you very much on your insight.

    You are absolutley right 🙂 I love your way of describing what you see in the cards.

    A desire to blend! Yes!

    He told me that he cannot be with anyone now, so that is why I asked you this.

    It is hard for me to be only friends at this moment. And would most of all love to start a relationship with him.

    I hope you see him healing his heart and mind ?

  • I am sure he is mending,

    There are no wands appearing on his side (or yours either for that matter) which sounds to me like perhaps path and role issues are not that much of the focus right now. It seems that material agreement, a physical closeness that is very balanced and harmonious is longed for. I feel the two of you really trying to reach across and connect it is very strong.

    You can feel your heart 10 of cups really poured out for him, and he seems to be more caught up in a thought, or philosophical concern. I dunno, you probably know him a lot better than I can see in the cards, what do you see in this situation?

  • We are physically apart now, he lives abroad for the time being that is why I went to visit him.

    I did have a moment where I told him I am starting to really like him and that was the moment he told me he cannot be with anyone due to how he hurt his past girlfriend. But I do not buy it. I dont think that that is the only thing.

    I am not sure weather to take it as a " I dont want to be with you" rather than "anyone now"

    He never said lets be just friends but the communication right now is on that level, much different than before and much less.

    I am trying to figure it all out without being pushy

  • Well I can not really see at this moment what he is really "feeling" for you. I am sure if he was really wanting to be with you, there would be plenty of communications so the fact that he is distant can only mean he has other concerns to deal with right now. Seems to be the usual story in love unless you just get lucky.

    I drew a King wands on you just now, that is sort of a resting energy of path, or "where to now?" in terms of direction, like you have finished one phase and are waiting for the next.

    And a Knight Wands, so that shows you are focusing in on a path, so perhaps leaving one path for a new one. Not sure how that relates to love, but does seem to be picking up on something in your life at this time. Are you venturing off into something new after completing a previous role or something? Just curious.

  • I am venturing into a new career path which is about to start up pretty soon. Into the field I was studying so the cards were right 🙂

  • dear Astra,

    thank you on your insight I am needing your help again.

    The man I asked about well, he seems to be switching back and forth.

    I think he is thinking about his ex and getting back with her, do you see this ?

    And if they do, do you see them lasting?

    Or do you still see the prospect of me and him together?

    Thank you!

  • fishyone, a guy who is switching back and forth on you is not worth the stress, time, and energy. Went through a relationship like that (myself) with a guy recently. After I got over it, I felt less stressed and much more better.

  • well thank you, but this is only my guess work that, that is on his mind. I canot really know.

    that is why I ask the insight

  • hey fishyOne

    I think he is very absorbed with his own life right now, a lot of wands. He does have a Queen of Cups he is connected with... does that sound like you or the ex?

  • how would you describe the Queen of cups?

    I know cups is emotions and I am very emotional but other than that and wishful thinking that it is me I would not know.

  • He has someone he still has hopes pinned on, and that is an emotional place of strength to him.

    He is wanting to share with that person. He has high hopes about that person/situation/relationship.

    Queen of Cups again, so that is certainly who we want to identify. Is that you or his ex? I am not sure...

    we'll take a pause here.

  • Queen of Cups (referring to a person) would be someone who is very focused on the emotional side of life, so having life be something nice, flowing, gentle, only nurturing and kindnesses and tenderness. He/she can also be caught up into emotional situations so that can be a challenge for the person. This person is going to want nice, bright, happy surroundings, gentle environments. Very social and touchy-feely I think... intuitive, psychic... empathetic...

  • It could describe me, i am very focused on emotions, gentle, nurturing, intuitive and have been told psychic..

    but yet again something tells me he still has hopes around the ex

    I dont know what to do or think anymore. I am not very happy about the situation

  • How do you feel about him? Try to forget the ex for a moment.. focus on how YOU feet about him in spite of what all this else is with the ex...

    Do you love him deeply or feel some sort of almost cosmic connection with him?

  • I feel a deep connection, I dont love him yet as I dont know him that well yet.

  • Well I would leave it at that. I mean, love him in whatever way you feel for him and don't worry about what he does with the ex. You can love other you know and they don't have to always respond the way we would like. So focus on LOVE and NICE FEELINGS for him, imagine it working out for you two... don't put energy into negative situations you don't want to see come about you will help that develope - see?

  • Yes I see!

    Thank you very much

    I meditate on how I want things to be each day and feel much better.

    Blessings to you

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