Career Reading?

  • Hi - I would love to have some help in directing my job search. I am a new RN looking for my first job. I have enjoyed all of my clinicals and feel like I could be happy in many different areas of nursing. I really just need a job that pays well and is close to home right now. A bonus would be to work with awesome coworkers and enjoy my patients. Would anyone care to read for me in your medium of choice? Huge thank you in advance!!

  • firehorsecrab,

    I 'm clairvoyant and read with no tools.

    I feel that you will start your work in a medical center with an R in the name of it. The building has 5-6 floors and there is a Jessica that you will talk to or work with that will be a pleasure as she is good at what she does. You will work around older people or with them in some way.

    You will enjoy the patients you work with even though some of them will be hard to understand as they will be unkind, so be ready for that part of it too.

    Coworkers will be very interesting like reading a good book with some parts of it you would rather not have read. You have a good heart and need to guard it a bit where people are concerned as you feel sensitive to me. There are friends to be made and one is a young man that just smiles and sometimes sings while he is working, he is just a joy to be around. A dark haired woman will be around you too and she is one in which I get a warning sign with. She will be pretty and has blue eyes and her name could be Felicia or has and F in the first name. All in all you have a good future ahead of you. You can look into working for a specialist also, comes in like plastic surgeon.

    Best Of Luck To You


  • Thank you SO much, Shuabby!! You're so right that I am sensitive and good-hearted. I will keep my eyes open for the other details. Thank you!!!!

  • Shuabby, can I ask if Fort Harrison sounds like the name of the Medical Center?

    Thank you!

  • firehorsecrab

    What I was feeling is that the company name will start with an R. This will be an opt for you and of course Fort Harrison is feeling like a good place to work , yet it will be strict with rules in some way that would take time to get use to. Do you live in Indianapolis?


  • I live in Montana... I haven't thought of any that start with R so far... but I'll keep my eyes open and the description was a good one... I'm so curious... but somehow I know I just have to remain patient and calm... I just don't want to miss an opportunity for not seeing it... but I guess that's the non-trusting mindset I need to let go of... 😉

    Thank you so much for helping me!

  • Hi Shuabby,

    What do you see for me for an upcoming job? I seem to be having a hard time finding a job in my field of human resources. Do you see me getting a job in human resources, and if so, when and with what type of company? I really need a regular job right away...been working part-time retail sales to bring so money in? Any advice you can give is appreciated very much.


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