Captain, another question about the blocked phone call?

  • Yes, he used the call box more than once. But it is futile to pursue the matter with him as you have said - he will deny it until the end of time to save face. Despite (or because of) the fact that it is harrassment...

  • Ur right. Actually as soon as submitted that post, I decided not to bring it up anymore.. as long as he doesn't.. I was just curious to know who did it. That's it. Thanks for the reading, Captain. I have been reading a book called how to win friends and influence people. I regret I didnt read this world famous book much earlier. Truly opened my eyes.

  • Captain, I have another question hope you dont mind. I am thinking of asking this guy for a favor - I know he has a lot of business connections. I was thinking.. maybe he can introduce me to one of ppl he knows, and get me a job.. So if I bring it up, what would be his attitude? Will he help me? Thanks!

  • If you are talking about the guy who is harassing you with calls, that is a very bad idea. You need to stay well away from him. Don't become indebted to him in any way.

  • Hi Captain, I recently met a guy.. he is pretty successful.. and seems interested in dating me.. im not sure? can i trust this guy? just feel like he's a playboy... n nothing good will come out.. ur thoughts? thanks

  • You are jumping the gun a bit here - make up your mind if and when you get to know him better. It's better to have an open mind in this situation. Past relationships may be clouding your judgment.

  • Hi Captain - I got a wired txt message just now.. some number that I dont know about.. do u feel if its still from the guy who did the blocked calls? Thanks

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