Captain, another question about the blocked phone call?

  • Hi Captain,

    You gave me wonderful readings a few days ago about the blocked phone call thing. My friend called me two times in a row on Monday morning. I was hoping he would continue calling me this morning so I can pick up the phone and ask him what this was all about. However, there's no blocked phone call today. Am wondering why he didnt call this time? what's he thinking? Does he totally give up on me? Hope to hear from you again soon. Thank you, Captain

  • Yes he figures you didn't get his 'hidden messages'. He thought you two might have a sort of telepathic connection and he was testing it. It's just a way to avoid direct confrontation, though, and is pretty immature.

  • Telepathic? Geez. I agree with you that its so immature! Captain, I have another question that I was very curious about - was he the same one using the call box outside my apartment complex last month? its around midnight. When I heard my phone ringing, I thought it were him, so I picked it up. but since nobody spoke, I hang up. But i did open the door for that person with my phone.. of course nobody knocked on my door later. I didnt think too much after. but after all the blocked phone calls, it made me wonder - was it him also? He could have just come up and say hello to me.. ugh

    Captain, i know I asked this before, but I guess I wont hear from him again, right? at least for a while? Hope to hear frm u again soon. Thank you, Captain.

  • Yes it was him.

    You won't hear from this guy until he gets past the ego stage.

  • Okay. Thanks for the reading, Captain!

    Captain, I have another question about a female friend I had. I met this girl a few months ago when she was undergoing a painful divorce. I helped her along the way. Back then, we talked a lot and spent a lot of quality time together which I really enjoyed. She seemed to appreciate my help and my company a lot. And I was happy that I made another close female friend. A couple months ago, we had an argument on the phone, and we havent talked ever since. A couple days ago, I noticed she unfriended me on facebook. I was pissed and feeling betrayed. She also unfriended a mutual friend we had who also helped her a lot through the difficult life transaction. I am wondering why she would be so cold and ungrateful? I wanna know if I did anything wrong? I have no interest in making up with her, but would like to know if there is anything i did wrong that I can prevent making the same mistake in the future.. Thanks, Captain!

  • This is just the way this person (over)reacts to being hurt. Some people get over things quickly and put them behind them - that is the healthy way. But this woman hangs onto hurts and pain and grudges - it's her form of protection but it is self-destructive. It will hurt her more than help her in the end.

  • huh. interesting. Captain, are you saying she felt being hurt by me?! and she's mad at me for some reason? omg, i havent been nothing but a loyal friend for her. Well, if thats the case, I wish her the best. such an ungracious woman.

  • Captain, do you feel if this friend will contact me in an indirect way again sometime soon?

  • No I don't get the feeling she is someone who is the first to apologize, admit she was wrong, and make up.

  • Thanks for the reading, Captain. I am not sure if we were talking abt the same person as I didnt make myself clear - were you referring to the person who did the blocked phone call thing or the female friend who unfriended me on fb? I was referring to the person who did the blocked phone call... Let me know please? thanks!

  • i think you probably referred to the female one as you used "She"... as for her, i can care less..

    i wanted to know if the blocked phone call guy would try to contact me indirectly again?

  • At this point, he is giving up on you.

  • Hi Captain

    It's been a while since we talked. I hope your well. I have a new question regarding the blocked phone call. This morning, around 910am, I received a call from the call box outside my apt complex. I didnt answer it becuz i didnt hear it. Nobody spoke in the voice mail. Is it again from the same guy we talked before? I called him right back and he answered it - Of course he didnt admit it 's from him.. So what u think?

    And when I called him, after he answered, i started to talk, and he behaved like he didnt know who was calling him.. he said he erased my cell number. REALLY? Even he did, he could have recognized my voice... was he lying to me again?! So puzzled.

  • Yes he was lying to save face. He doesn't want you to think he is 'pining' for you. He just can't quite let go.

  • Thanks for the response, Captain. I said he was the worst liar. He said he could show me his phone bill and if he lied, he would give me 100k. Well, guess I should have asked for a more scary bet.

  • Another question.. Captain, do you think if i have the potential working in the art field? I am thinking of a business plan these days.. not sure if its workable.

  • I feel you need more experience in business before going into it - maybe doing a business course or getting work experience in a similar business.

  • And of course your ex's phone bill would show no calls to you snce he didn't use his own phone.

  • Just saw this - Thanks for the further explanation, Capatin 😜 I actually found myself speechless when he questioned me why I would consider him be the caller.... I said, I just know it. It showed on my bill!.... I learned that it's futile trying to win an argument.. I would lose either way. So if he wanted to save face, I let it go. But its funny knowing that he didnt use his phone... Just curious, did he get this crazy idea from his friend or so? And can you feel whose phone he used? funny. Maybe I can embarrass him for a little bit later.. Well, for sure I will make sure I dont hurt his ego. Just playing with him lol.

    And Captain, I know I asked this before, but I am not sure if your answer "yes" was related to this - was he the one using the call box outside my apt building yesterday morning? Thanks Captain. Blessings!

  • And thanks for the business related tips... A long way to go...

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