Need help overcoming chronic pain

  • In '09, I suffered a serious back injury in a motorcycle accident, and now live with chronic pain. This has affected my spiritual well being, as before the accident I was able to "disconnect" with the physical world easily. I'm not sure how to explain except that I could escape my physical body to connect with the deeper spirit within. I am an empath, and pick up on others emotions and energies. The chronic pain keeps me grounded in the physical world, and that takes it's toll my spirit. Is there anyway to get around the pain and connect with the spirit? I hope this makes sense because it has always been hard to describe. Thank you for any advice you have.

  • BratBizarre (very unusual name!!)

    I am sensing that even though the accident and your resultant pain seems like a negative, it actually was necessary because for this last few years, you've needed to remain grounded. While that may seem like a life sentence, it has served to make you deal with things in the real world (which sucks I know). I feel that at times, you "disconnected" when the going got too tough, and maybe ran away from difficult situations, rather than facing them.

    You are being asked to face those difficulties and fears. You have had your wings clipped, which was the only way Spirit saw for you to adtually stand and fight. This may seem like a contradiction in terms, considering you are suffering such pain, but you need to actually plant your feet on the solid earth, let those roots go down deep and draw your energy and healing from the earth rather than the ethereal world at this time.

    Have you sought out the assistance of Reiki healing? I feel there are a lot of issues of mistrust, betrayal, anger and abandonment stuck within you which is contributing to your pain. I keep getting that you have run away once too often because you were afraid of getting stuck. But you are stuck now. Rooted to the spot in other words.

    Who left you? This person was a very significant person in your life, and I don't feel you ever got over this abandonment. That person never left YOU. They simply left. I have an image of you gritting your teeth and saying to yourself "I will never speak to them again". It's time to offer the olive branch. Seek him out. (I am getting a male energy here). I feel he may be in Spirit, or can I say, dead to you. You need to confront this and deal with it, as much as it pains you to think on it.

    Traditional advice could be to seek out the services of a chiropractor. A different one than who you saw two years ago. This one will help you immensely.

    But, there was a reason for this whole thing happening to you. Sometimes, we who are empaths, psychic, clairvoyant, etc, need to be in a position where we are grounded, because the shifting energies going on at the moment would be overwhelming for us otherwise. We are all exhausted from our varying journeys, and being grounded is a stability that we actually do need, even if it doesn't seem that way at times.

    You have not lost your connection; it merely feels like it. YOu also need to re-discover the very strong person you are within, as your pain is a reflection on your own misconception that you are unsupported in the world. You can support yourself. You are never alone. You are not being punished. You need to rid yourself of guilt, because I am also now getting that guilt is a huge part of what you are suffering.

    Reiki, and other healing modalities will help you along at the moment. It's time to free yourself. Your blood needs to flow smoothly, which it is not at the moment.

    I hope you also don't mind me saying so, but I think counselling would help you too. It is not a weakness, but rather, an act of bravery to face those issues that have been buried for too many years. To face them, deal with them, then set them free.

    I don't know if any of this helps or makes sense, but I have simply gone along with what I got.

    If any of this hurts you, or sparks fear within you, I do apologise, but now is the time to deal with those things that have kept you back in the past.

    You will ride again. You will. And when you next do, you will be all that much freer than you ever were, because you will not be running away from anything. Rather, you will be riding towards something ...

    I do hope this helps!



  • Moon,

    My friends do call me Brat, it was a name my grandfather started when he introduced me as his "spoiled brat". Your reading made a lot of sense, and hit on some important aspects of my life. My father left when I was three, but that is not the male spirit I think you picked up on. I never felt abandoned by him because my grandfather, Papa, was the man I was close to. He's not "dead to me" in a sense that I don't speech to him anymore, he passed suddenly when I was 17. After his death, I did began running a lot, from life in general. I never really got over it. Another funny things is you said my "wings were clipped", and I have wings tattooed on my back!! Anyway, what you said about needing to be grounded to learn to deal with real issues answer questions for me. I understand what you mean by it because that was my inner debate. I had a feeling that was what was going on, but it is scary to face some issues, and fears. Thank you, your reading was helpful, and very spot on. I am amazed with your abilities, and get the feeling you help people more then you realize. Oh, yeah the bizarre in my name is just how different I feel!!

  • That does my heart good, to know I have been of some help. I, too, have been suffering with back pain that I've not had for years. On and off, but my job is very physical, and I need the money from it to survive, (I'm on my own) so I understand where you're coming from.

    I'm trying to get rid of issues that have kept me back for years, and it's scary because the sorrow felt is so deep sometimes, I wonder how I've got on with my life with it hanging around down there 🙂

    Seek out a medium if you haven't already, and talk to your grandfather. I feel he's got some messages that may help you greatly. In your current state, you need a non-biased "mediator" (medium) to channel this, because I feel that doing this on your own, may not get the results needed. This contact will give you closure and comfort I feel.

    To repeat myself: It is scary to face those issues, but the alternative is to continue living in pain and distress for longer than you already have. Yes, traditional treatments sure have a place here, but along with esoteric assistance, you can overcome this and a lot quicker than you think.

    I wish you very good luck! And thank you for your feedback.



  • Your welcome!! I am sure you will see me around the forums here. I have always been into Tarot readings, astrology, physics, numerology, and spirituality. I just joined on here, and can't afford to spend the money on KC's for readings. I will be around on the forums, not just for myself. I pick up on things, and have always been able to tell someone exactly what they needed to hear. I will try to help others when I pick up on certain things. See ya around!!! xoxox

  • I get drawn to reading requests, but am lately getting repelled by ones that ask for me personally, with the exception of one. It's weird how that happens, but ... I have to stick to what I'm comfortable with.

    See you around too! Let me know how this all goes for you 🙂


  • Don't be surprised if you see one from me saying hi to you!! I think you answered mine for a reason. Your name tells me that because I have always felt an attraction to the moon and nighttime.

  • I am open to any and all things at the moment. My life has been turned upside down in recent weeks, and if not support, then I am in my own way, casting around for answers. Even though I know that answers are often deep within the one asking the question/s 🙂

    I like the name Moon too; the Moon itself holds a fascination for me also, but then I am a lunar-girl!

  • Things will change as time goes on, and you will find some peace. The seasons are changing right now, so it is almost time for fall. For me this is a powerful season full of calming energies, which I never understood because spring is the time for new life. I always thought that spring would bring about better energies, but for me it is fall time. I think it is because of the changing of the trees, the calm of energies from those around me as well. Spring and summer are such high energy times, and that doesn't calm me. Maybe this fall will bring you calmer energy, and allow you to process your thoughts better. Do you ever write poetry or do any art? I find these reveal things to me, and help me understand what I am going through. Hope things get better for you soon!! 🙂

  • You know Brat, I have written over 200 poems in the last four years, but this year, it all dried up! I lost the plot with it, even though I was bent on looking at having it professionally edited (I have a couple of editor contacts), then published. That dream took a nosedive this year.

    However, the door is not shut on it, so I will pull out the pen and start again. I do miss it, but I'm so damned tired these days that I don't think of it! And now that I'm back to being on my own (rel finished two weeks ago) I'm clinging on to my Tarot friends like a lifeline ...

    I hope things get better for both of us soon. Like you, I'm over it 🙂



  • PS: I have also been known to dabble in sketching and painting in the past too ... Another thing which took a nosedive in recent years 😞

  • I haven't been able to do mine as much since I started college classes on-line. But I get a week break before the next classes, and I am gonna get out my pens and ink. I did a pen & ink a couple of times, and then I found a drawing pen set and got some ink. I am hoping it helps me deal with some things. Maybe something is trying to tell you, through me, that you need to try it again and see what happens. My grandmother always believed in angels, and through reading things I have come to the conclusion that spirit guides do give us signs. It sounds as if not writing poems or doing art may be adding to what you are going through. For people like us, we need a creative outlet to help balance our energies. Just remember if it is hard at first, don't give up!! Just focus your energy on something that brings you peace, and write what comes to mind. It may not sound the way you want, but I get the feeling you are like me. When I write poetry, it is like someone else gives me the words. They are still how I feel, but I think I am guided in such a way that the poems give me some answers. So, it may not come out how you want at first, but you need to work on getting the energy flow you are used to. Most you do that, I think you will feel like writing more often. My spirit guides have always spoke to me through the writing, and that is what I think is happening to you when you write. Without that connection, you will start to feel lost and it will be worse if you are dealing with other things.

  • Too true. I don't know why I keep resisting though. I think it's the loneliness I've felt since Rodney left ...

  • I get the feeling that he is dealing with some struggles and difficulties, and you need to step back from it. Basically, let it run it's course, and concentrate on your creativity and any other new interests. I know it is difficult when something important to you doesn't work out, but I think you need to focus on yourself. He may come back to you, and he may not, but you will learn and grow from this. I will keep you in my thoughts and send you positive energy for peace of mind. Trust your instincts on this and you will come out on the other side as a stronger person.

  • Thanks Brat! He is dealing with grief over his fiancee who died nearly two years ago. We came together very quickly after her death, and I don't feel he was ready for another relationship, even though I felt ready.

    However, I've learned I do need to focus on myself. I have had mixed insights about Rodney from others; some have said he'll come back and others, no. The last two days I decided that I need to move on from him, considering his lack of effort in keeping in contact since he left. Some say he's trying to spare me more pain, but I take it as a slap in the face! Typical Cancerian 🙂 More than one reading has said that someone new will come along, and quickly. I am sensing who that might be, although I'm a bit reticent considering it's too soon in my opinion. I've never gone from one rel to another straight away, or even too quickly, so ...

    As I've taken a liking to saying lately: time will tell; time and intention.

    Will keep you posted. And keep me posted on how your pain goes!



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