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    I've had two dreams over the weekend that I don't really have the focus or energy to interpret, but they have left a bit of an effect on me.

    The first one is where myself and two other people are lined up waiting to be shot. I can't remember who the other two people are either. I recall feeling very afraid as the first person on my right was shot. She was fair haired and falls to the right. The other is also shot, but I can't remember if that person was male or anything physically about them. Then it's my turn and I'm waiting. I wake up.

    The second was last night (I am in Australia) and I go into what looks like an office. It has hard floors, desks and cabinets around the walls. In the middle of the room is a very big fish tank with very large goldfish in it. The tank only has about a quarter depth of water in it and the fish are dying. There is about a foot of water on the floor in the office, and one of the bigger fish escapes and swims off. I watch the others dying and can't do anything about it.

    I have had a similar dream to the second one quite a while ago, so it obviously has some significance for me.

    If anyone can help with interpereting these dreams, I'd appreciate it! I think I need someone distanced from my current situation (recent relationship breakup) to do this which is why I'm asking rather than trying to interpret them myself.

    Thanks in advance!



  • So, what's going on at work or in your professional life right now? I'd say you're under a lot of stress and feeling like there's not much you can actively do to resolve the issues but survive them. Subconsciously, though, you know that there's a way out (the big fish escaping, and your surviving the firing squad), even though it may mean leaving the situation, whether a work situation or a personal one, behind for something completely new.

  • Hi, thanks Cibolo 🙂 I was recently passed over for a full time permanent job where I work, and may be reverted to a full on-call casual after three years of work. It's how things work in the health industry unfortunately and they wonder why morale gets low.

    I can't leave my job because I'm on my own again and have no other financial support. My rel ended two weeks ago by the way. I'm trying not to worry about everything, but feel a bit insecure to say the least.

    Things can seem very unfair at work because often people get chosen for jobs when they are people who not many like working with, or ones who end up taking so much time off they might as well have stayed casual! I've lost a lot of enthusiasm for the place because of this, but as said, I can't leave because there aren't many job opportunities where I live and I need to keep a roof over my head!

    Thanks again 🙂



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