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  • Normally, I'm pretty happy with my life. I've recently finished an advanced degree and am applying to programs to go further still. After a pretty lean couple of years, I have a good job in my field of interest. In my personal life, I have a beautiful daughter who has grown into a strong and capable young woman, a son-in-law I love and respect, hobbies I enjoy and am excited about having a grandson on the way.

    Over the past few years, though, I've been feeling lonely. My husband passed away fourteen years ago and there have been few men in my life since. I'm in good health, pay attention to my diet and though I'm no model, am still reasonably attractive for a woman in her mid-forties. I'd appreciate if someone could do a reading and tell me if there is any kind of romantic relationship in my future and what I can do to improve my chances. I've gotten readings in the past, and romance is always "just around the corner," but I seem to have missed the turns.

  • Cibolo,

    In the realm of the spiritual, time is of no consequence. What is "just around the corner" in that realm, could be years in ours.

    I feel that you needed to have the child/children off your hands - for want of a nicer term - so that left you free to be open to love. You dedicated your life to your daughter and your job is now done in that respect. A big pat on the back is passed to you from Spirit. It is now your time.

    You are ready for a relationship now because you are aware of feeling lonely. I also feel that until the time you let your husband go fully, you were comparing other men to him, thus not allowing the new to come in.

    Now you are ready I feel. You will always miss your husband and grieve for him. But you now know that you can let him go as you do need to get on with your life. He has someone lined up for you; someone very special. I don't feel this person is in your social circle already; more that he could be "brought in" by someone you know. Like, he's just moved to town or something like that.

    You have lived your life to the full alone, and this man will complement your life, rather than "butt in" on it. He too, has suffered a great loss, but I don't know that it was a spouse. I feel he lost a child in the past.

    I feel you will be celebrating come Christmas/New Year, and your heart will be singing. You won't feel lonely anymore.

    I cannot be anymore definite than that at the moment!

    Hope this helps



  • Thanks, Moon50. I appreciate the reading. 🙂

    I guess I'm just getting a little frustrated. The advice is always to "put yourself out there." I've been putting myself out there -- group events, classes, dating services -- for a couple of years, now, without luck.

    What you're describing sounds pretty much exactly like what I'm looking for, too -- some one willing to share my life, but who doesn't need either of us to base that life on the other. 🙂

    Thanks, again.


  • Just did a tarot reading (Celtic Cross) on the subject for myself and got the first really clear, unmuddled answer in a while -- thanks for the influence, Moon50!

    1.Cover card -- the Hermit

    2. Cross card -- Judgement

    3. Root -- 7 of Cups

    4. Recent Past Influences -- 8 of Cups

    5. Crown -- King of Cups

    6. Near Future Influences -- 9 of Cups

    7. Self -- 4 of Wands

    8. Others -- 3 of Swords

    9. Hopes/ Advice -- Queen of Wands

    10. Outcome -- 3 of Cups

    While I've been feeling isolated and alone, a change/ rebirth is definitely in the air (1, 2). I've been looking and running a bit warm and cold about what exactly I'm searching for, but I've finally let go of the past as much as I can and am moving forward (3, 4). I've actually had a few dreams about my late husband recently -- our relationship wasn't the best, although we loved each other deeply; the dreams underscored the issues in our relationship and that I don't want to repeat them. I think that may have been my subconscious finally letting go. That release is what will finally allow me to reach my goal (4, 2, 6).

    That goal is a healthy relationship with plenty of mature give-and-take (5). I've been figuring out what exactly I want in a partner during my period of solitude and have a pretty good idea of his traits (3, 1, 5). The King of Cups actually comes up a lot in my readings over this; the image in this deck (Robin Wood) is a bearded man sitting on a rock on a beach, and for some reason that resonates with the person I'm looking for, even though I'm currently living in a land-locked blackland prairie region.

    The 9 of Cups pretty much speaks for itself in near future. The 4 of Wands reflects that I'm presently pretty content with and enjoying my life. The 3 of Swords is another one that has dogged my readings, usually in the staff portion of this lay-out, but placed as it is, and in combination with your comments, I'm seeing that pain as another aspect of the person who's coming into my life, not as a warning. Queen of Wands -- I'm not really very outgoing, but I've got a chance to shine in the near future. She can also indicate an ideal partner for a man, so maybe I am that for him (5, 9). Finally, the 3 of Cups -- not as intense as the Deuce would have been, or as idealized as the Ace, but fun and friendly, exactly what I need. As for specific situations, social events seem to be involved, here (6, 7, 10) -- not surprising with the holidays coming up, I suppose.

    Sorry, I know this isn't the tarot forum, but I thought the reading was interesting, given the circumstances.

  • You know, that annoying old saying springs to mind here: "Love comes when you least expect it". You have already put yourself out there, by asking the Universe - presumably you have asked them directly??

    If you are not enjoying going out and socialising in order to meet someone, then why not cut that down a bit. Do what you really enjoy doing, even if that keeps you at home here and there. If we go out and about when we don't feel like it all the time, we don't project anything that will draw the right person to us.

    I don't feel the man coming into your life will cause you pain, but rather will have been a victim of it, like I said before. You will feel his pain, but admire his strength in how he has overcome it and not run from it.

    If this is of any help, I have "narrowed" my criteria for the right partner down to what I call the Two C's: Chemistry and Compatibility. I feel those two things encompass everything important in a relationship. Having said that, I may have to change it to three C's because I don't want someone who isn't earning an income!! I cannot and will not, support someone else financially because life is hard enough on me financially since my last partner did a midnight run, in a manner of speaking. So maybe ... Chemistry, Compatibility and ... ? Can't think of a word starting with C that means hard working!!! Ah well ...

    So, what do you think of resting up a bit, and not forcing a "meeting" with someone? Keep on going out and about if that's what you enjoy, but don't force yourself in order to bring someone into your life.

    I do know how you feel though. Loneliness is a killer, and I feel it keenly when I come in the door at 7pm after a long day on my feet at work and my fire isn't lit anymore, my house is dark and the pets just want food!

    In my own case, I'm through really. I'd love to find the right one; thought I'd found it in Rodney, but like I said, he ran. At 50, I'm back on my own again and really don't feel like flirting, meeting anyone else or even worrying about it. It's only been three weeks since he left, but we'd been living more like housemates for months. Usually, I feel a sense of new life and new energy when something ends. But not this time. I feel kicked in the guts.

    So we both have the same problem, but with opposite causes! You have the desire and the time of solitude ending which is pushing you to find someone. And you will. I feel this meeting will be almost accidental in a way too. Not sure exactly how, but more like banging in to each other or similar. Or maybe the person who introduces this man has someone else in mind to fix him up with, and it ends up being you 🙂

    Hope I didn't rave on too much here! The keyboard ran away on me ...

    Keep faith! If you don't want to remain alone, you won't. But try to give that issue to the Universe and not force it yourself. It'll come, and I'm also getting when you feel at your worst haha! It's always the way isn't it??

    Let me know how you go 🙂



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