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  • Hi there, I haven't posted in quite a long time and normally, I'm good about interpreting my own dreams when I remember them but this one...this was a strange one. It jumps around a lot but I'll try to go in order. from what I remember. I'm at work/base and need to get some things done which takes me to a different building. The building seems normal but all of the sudden I'm in a room in a long, nothing special night gown. It now seems like its a laundry facility and there is a man there who seems to be flirting but feels uncomfortable. I all of the sudden have a wireless phone or a really old cell phone and I call 911 but he doesn't seem to know this. He grabs at me as I back away and my husband answers the phone. I don't remember what I say to him but he tells me "I'm busy honey, gotta go...talk to you soon, love you". And hangs up. I'm either thinking or saying out loud, no no no and try dialing 911 again. Then, it's over and I'm somewhere else. In another building, I'm waiting to turn in paperwork. There is a woman with long dark hair and though it isn't said, she does some kind of readings for people. Not sure if it's birth, astrology, etc. It's my turn. I give her my paperwork and she tells me it will be a few minutes. As she's doing whatever it is she's doing, she begins to look concerned and says, under her breath, something to the effect of, "I've never seen this before". I get up and walk towards her and it looks like she hands be a birth chart and a drawn picture of three pigs. This upsets me severely and she seems to be saying she's sorry. Whatever the feeling is, it wakes me up from the dream.

    So, I have a lot going on in my life right now. I'm away from my husband and son due to military training in another state and I am about to have a surgery which is absolutely wanted and necessary but I'm terrified. I never dream of readings or psychics. Never have. But lateley, my oracle readings have been a bit strange and this dream was a doozy. Just looking for some insight if anyone could help a girl out. Thanks so much

  • Cwonder

    Your dream had several meanings to it. First your work is very important to you and than you in the nightgown and the strange man , says that you are wanting intimacy and are afraid that other men may temp you while away from your very busy husband who seems to be ignoring your plee for help.The psychic is someone that you simply turn to for help, instead the picture of the three pigs upset, pigs stand for greed and state that we can not have it all .

    Your surgery is going to be fine and you are in good hands is what I receive from spirit. You will have a male doctor that is good at what he does , he is older appears to have dark hair.

    This is mostly a fear dream , brings forth what you fear will happen.

    Your life has a lot of meaning and your son will be fine and later on down the road he will be in the service himself for awhile, I feel communications around him. You are gifted with intutition and that still small voice comes to you often to guide you, so listen to it.

    Happiness is ahead for you and I see the ocean around you for awhile in your life and this ocean is beautiful and you will swim in it. I also feel your training will help you to become much stronger cored. You will receive some sort or reconigtion or award for a job will done.


  • I'm usually pretty good at dreams and yours seems pretty straight-forward -- I know, easy to say, right? 🙂

    From the first part, I get that you're feeling pretty isolated and vulnerable right now. You're in a new place and apart from friends and family. You're worried that your husband doesn't quite "get" what's going on in your life right now. It's not that you feel unloved, but you're worried that the distance and maybe some distraction by more immediate concerns is leaving him with a bad case of "out of sight, out of mind." This probably is not the case, but it feels that way. It might be helpful to call him and -- understanding that these are your feelings, not his -- tell him that you miss him and need to hear from him more often.

    In the second part of the dream, the first thing I thought was "The Three Little Pigs." Again, this is a reflection of your feelings of vulnerability and a lurking worry that if things go horribly wrong -- either professionally or in the up-coming medical procedure -- you won't be able to find the support you need. Again, talk to your husband, and if necessary, talk to your doctor or a medical center counselor and see if you can identify what's bothering you. Are you worried about the procedure, or about insurance or medical coverage issues afterwards, or just not liking the idea that there might not be a family member there when you're in recovery? Once you've identified the issue and come up with a plan to deal with it, you'll have less disturbing dreams.

    The fact that you dreamed of getting a reading is just your sub-conscious weighing in -- you were already doing readings for yourself in real life and were probably considering getting a professional reading somewhere in the back of your mind.

  • Just a little contribution here. The 3 pigs part remind me of that fairy tale - you know, the three pigs and the wolf, who destroys their houses and eats them one by one except for the last one, who's house is built from the solid matherial. Therefore, I guess the message might have something to do with your need for protection, which has to be of a solid, realistic kind, as opposed to wishful thinking. Just a thought...

  • Thank you all so much! The distance is a killer and I do agree that it has an out of sight out of mind feeling. We do talk everyday but sometimes it's short and I definitely feel out of touch. @ Shaubby... My doctor is female but will be doing the procedure with another doctor who she respects a lot. It is a male but I haven't met him yet. Thank you for that insight. I'm having a hysterectomy for medical reasons and though it is so needed and I know I will feel so much better...I'm just plain scared. I've had surgery before but this is much more serious then before and I've had time to think about it....ha! Also, emotionally, I'm happy and sad that I will not have another baby. But I'm a firm believer in things happen for a reason. This part : First your work is very important to you and than you in the nightgown and the strange man , says that you are wanting intimacy and are afraid that other men may temp you: was right on. I think the other side of this is the last couple of years have been rough in this department because f my own condition and I just miss my husband a lot. i am very lucky though in that we have been on a rollercoaster of a relationship for many years but he is definitely been my soul mate and fully has supported me and the last two years have been the most wonderful. Sometimes you just have to wait for things to come together 🙂 Emotionally, he is a great husband but there is definitely a disconnect when it comes to my feelings. I think he just feels I have such a strong personality that weakness isn't a question for him...when it comes to me so I do have to remind him I'm still a girl lol

    The pigs still creep me out a bit only because I was absolutely bothered by them in my dream...almost devastated. I don't want to be greedy or have it all...but it would be nice if something went our way and plenty in the last few months has not. So I wonder if that's a reflection of that. Yet...I still go back to fate and everything happens for a reason. I know that if certain things had come to fruition...we may have been miserable. For now, I live with my parents. My mother is going thru chemo which is why I chose to do such a long training TDY with the military. I could have had it shortened. My husband tried to get stationed with me (He's active duty), via a humanitarian assignment due to my mother and we were denied. But now that I have been reliving my teenage years ( gag)...I realize that moving back here may not be the best idea and I find myself fantasizing about moving far far away. The ocean...We were stationed on the east coast for years and my husband is from Seattle. We are trying to get to either place and either place would make my soul flutter! So thank you for the insight and I realize I just threw a lot off my chest but it felt so good to do so..I couldn't stop typing.

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