Who is the older guy?

  • Hey,

    I went to a psychic that read my cards... one of the things she told me that I forgot to ask about is who the guys are that are interested in me. I know one was an ex, but then she said there was an older man in a good position that was interested in me. I work with a lot of older men in good positions. At the moment, I got excited because I thought it was one that I AM interested in but now I am really not sure. Can someone please do a reading for me and tell me more about this?

    Thank you.

  • Hi loveisstoppingme

    I am drawing some cards to help identify who this older man is...

    1. The Fool. So my first thought is he is someone who is pretty happy, joking kind of way. Easy going, goes with the flow. Goofy maybe at times.

    He must also have a serious side though as I see several swords now... so maybe his personality is very light hearted at times and then just as quick it can turn solemn or serious!

    2. 6 of Swords, maybe he recently was moved, his position changed, promotion, change of office or something made some recent changes in his work situation.

    3. 3 of swords - something painful too, that maybe you know about him? Like a secret or something. No one else knows.

    4. Queen of Swords - that is a woman of interest. Could be you, his thoughts of you, he sees you as a very together, smart person. A little cool however he likes some of that mystery...

    5. The Star - not sure what this signifies maybe it means something to you as a way to match up someone.

    Hey that was fun hope it helps!

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