Tarot spread interpretation request ( his feelings about not seeing me )

  • Hi ,

    I told someone I cared for deeply that I can't see him anymore because of the fact that it would be hard for me and its just not the right time at the moment. He wondered why , I explained it to him and he says he understands. But I wanted to know how he really feels about it.

    How does he feel about not being able to meet with me anymore :

    hermit - 10 swords - 5 swords ( RW - no position )

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hiya, the 10 of swords is the tarot's way of illustrating total desolation, and the 5 of swords in its simplest form represents someone looking out for themselves. Add the hermit into that mix and I would say he's taking time out to clear his head and that there's a little bit of resentment or frustration there.

    Blessed be,

    little rose x o

  • Thanks so much for your reply ... you could be right , however I do hope he doesn't resent me , i would hope he understands why ... he knows i love him and he says he loves me too but right now it;s just not right for us to see eachother.

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