Please help! Pisces female unsure about Taurus male

  • I'm a Pisces female and I'm "seeing" a Taurean male. We've known each other for a while now, but things didn't get hot until a couple months ago. We live in different provinces (it's a long distance relationship), so a lot of our communication has been over text/IM.

    I'm so confused! Sometimes he's so hot and so into me. He'll message me every day saying he misses me and a couple weeks ago, seemed so eager about making plans for us to see each other. I was a bit skittish and delayed the planning a couple of days, but when I was ready to talk, he seemed to be distracted and not up to setting a date at that time. So we agreed to plan when he was less busy. Since then, he's felt kind of distant. He hasn't initiated any contact (except once), and now, I haven't heard from him at all in 4 days! This has happened before a few times in the time that I've known him.

    What should I think? How should I handle this? Does he not want me? Why is he so hot and cold? Please help!

  • Do not message him first. Let him come to you. Men like girls that are hard to get. Personally I wouldn't deal with him because it seems like he is getting back at you for not responding to him for a couple of days. However if you really like him you must not give him all of you, seem busy but not to busy when you talk to him and never let him get to your mind. He is a Taurus so sometimes he'll be agressive and others he will be layed back. Just trust your instincts.

  • Thanks for the advice, kezzinga. He's called since I posted this, so things are okay. For now, anyways. However, I'm a bit concerned that this is going to keep happening over and over again. It's happened a few times in the past already. But maybe that's the insecure and supersensitive Pisces in me. I don't know.

  • Hi,

    Don't write off your gut feelings. If things happen once, and again, and again... chances are they'll happen again. The fact is, in any relationship it's a two way street. He needs to put in as much effort as you do, but not just when he wants to.

    I'm a Pisces too and I just got out of a long time relationship with a Taurus. He is exactly like the man you describe... sometimes very hot and heavy... others very distant and uncommunicative. I'd go long periods of time without hearing from him...then hear from him a lot. Our relationship was kind of long distance... when he was here things were great, but when he was away at schools (he's in the army) not. Then he deployed and communication was great for a month...then he left me for another "friend" he had over there. Now they're getting married.

    Long distance relationships are hard no matter who you are... You have to decide what you need from the relationship. I gave, and gave, then justified his behavior (but he did call me, or text me, or email that means he still wants me) for 2 years and it got me nowhere, except feeling empty and drained.

    I suggest you trust yourself. If you feel that something is wrong. It usually is. It's important to communicate your feelings to eachother.

  • See, here's the thing. This man is showing you another side of himself to you, it is a red flag. Do not ignore it. I do agree with one of the other posts that he could be punishing you for your lack of eagerness to finally meet each other. That in itself is a big red flag. I don't know if I could live like that. My advise, move on, this display of selfishness is probably a part of many behaviors that are less than desirable.

    On the other hand, if you choose to keep going forward you HAVE to be able to discuss your concerns with him. There is no such thing as the perfect couple, but a couple who cannot discuss their worries, concerns, confusion, etc. is almost destined to self destruct.

  • Well I feel compelled to add my opinion and well a Taurus perspective to this topic. I would offer and explain that he is doing nothing other than a standard Taurus pisces interaction or problem (as I have had 2 strong girls I dated or had fallen for in this zodiac pairing) I too had a similar situation where the girl I was in love with and was going to visit on a long distance trip got skittish and not explain or ‘plan’ this visit with gusto or enthusiasm (or so it seemed to me) I assumed she did not want me there or did not need me around as badly as she was making things out to be..i then got cold and ‘hurt’ by this weird behavior I being a stubborn bull at times was or started to think okay this isn’t the love or illusion its made out to be and went into my shell or guarded my heart by retreating to ‘re-evaluate’ what just happened..if you two are to continue solidly ..dont’ be too vague or make the bull question motives in the love department or your feelings..if you are upset with something be upfront..if you are skittish voice it to him..chances are he is too but is only in the sense of how intense or ‘in love’ he can feel toward you..things will work out as long as emotions are forthright

    Also disclaimer many astrologers believe Taurus pisces are fated to meet, so enjoy what each offers good and bad ; )

  • Sorry to reply late to this Post.

    I agree with what you have posted Taurus<3 Thank you for your insight. xoxo

  • Taureans are so often misunderstood...yet we a er so simple....

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