2 sets of combinations in a reading. Can anyone interpret them?

  • Hi,

    So I'm new to interpretation. . .but I know its unusual to pull 2 sets of combinations with a lot of Major Arcana cards. The question I asked was about a relationship. . .but given the cards I'm more curious as to their significance when combined.

    So, in a celtic cross spread what I drew was Justice in the Love and Me position

    The 10 of wands in the situation position

    The 6 of coins in the challenges

    The 3 of coins in the background

    The Ace of Wands in my recent past

    The Ace of Swords as my higher power (my first combination)

    The Queen of Coins in my near future

    The 3 of swords in the issues position

    The 3 of Cups describing the loved 1 (completing my combination of 3 threes)

    The Magician as my Love Advice

    and lastly then Temperance in my long term potential.

    Any theories as to the significance of the groups? I'd love to know what they mean and what influence the Major Arcana have on them then.


    LittleRose x o

  • *Justice - Love and Me

    10 Wands - Present Situation

    6 Pentacles - Challenges

    3 Pentacles - Background

    Ace Wands - Recent Past

    Ace Swords - Higher Power (first comb)

    Queen of Pentacles - Near Future

    3 of Swords - Issues

    3 of Cups - Describing the Loved one

    *Magician - Love Advice

    *Temperance - Long Term Potential

    Justice shows something being added or taken away from your life to bring love

    Present situation is at some sort of crossroads, go back or move on in your role/identity/path in love

    Challenges - some area of life you want/need to share in, giving and receiving, communication or being able to establish physical connections with others could be a challenge for you right now

    Background shows a working situation from the past, you know how love can work out

    Recent Past indicates something you recently started, it could be a new pursuit, creative project, or some new situation you have had to contend with

    Higher Power is your mind - clear focused thinking, keeping it simple, look for new ideas

    Near future shows a physical situation that you are involved with, it is very mature, complete, well appointed in some way

    Issues are some sort of problem, a memory, an area that when you try to think upon it to consider your steps brings some pain, could also show this is where a relationship development is being hindered in some way. You want to plan something out in this relationship and that effort is challenged.

    Your loved one is happy, carefree, innocent personality.

    Magician would be saying "have fun in love", play around, try something new, explore and experiment, step out of the box, don't take it too seriously, laugh, and expect surprises in your love life.

    Temperance seems to say to me that you are definitely deepening in a love relationship over time, this is all blending and union, so that sounds like a very nice relationship. This is a foundation for you in your love life, the idea of blending with your loved one.

    You have a lot of 3's showing up. Expect MIRACLES in your love life to occur.

    Couple of Aces, something new is developing for you, a new path with a new thought, idea, concept, approach or action, could be a creative effort connected to love in some way you are being asked to begin.

    Queen seems to be indicating you, so that would seem to show a strong physical, manifesting love, relationship is assured for you. Materially you can expect companionship to be working out. Physical aspect of the relationship will be nice.

    Justice, Magician and Temperance all show something being held. Scales, a Wand, and 2 cups.

    So a balance in love is being magically created for you, from above.

    The general sense from the reading is that you can expect something to be rebalanced in this relationship that has needed some adjusting, it will not be something you have to do, or understand, it will simply happen. Sharing (6 pentacles) seems to be blocked or a problem right now in the relationship, and that is very important to you that that work (3P). I see some sort of breakthrough here leading to more of a "merged" state between the two of you (temperance). The 10 of Wands seems to be showing you under somewhat intense self-examination or path concerns, like "what do I do now, what do I say now. Which way?" The Magician as advice to the 10 wands would be to change your focus from self path issues, and go outside, up, look to happy play somehow in your life. Could be asking you to take your concerns about the relationship (10 wands) to a more magical level. Imagination, fantasy, try something new.

    "Love and You" sounds like something happened "back there" that you may feel was an injustice and you are anxious to see that re-balanced. That seems to happen (unexpectedly, surprise, Magician) in this situation as a result of sharing that is offered to you without you having to do or say anything.

    The combination of Temperance and the Queen of Pentacles sounds like you can expect to enjoy a quality relationship that works very nice on all practical levels.

    I am not sure what 'groups' you are referring to... hey I hope this gives you some ideas! 🙂


  • Hi Astra Angel,

    Thanks so much. The groups I meant were the 3 threes nd the 2 Aces. Hadn't noticed the grouping of the Major Arcana at all. That's brill tho.

    I love how each interpretation of the cards shows me a little bit more about how they fit together, not to mention good news on love is always a plus 😄

    where i've found i struggle sometimes in reading is seeing the links between the cards, it's getting easier every time i do it but when its more than 2cards together it throws me off a little.

    So 3 threes is really really good for a love life? 😄 That's a good 1 to know. And 2 Aces is something new developing. I've been keeping a reading journal so I can look back over the combinations nd defo gna add these in.

    Is it possible that with 'Love and Me' that its a financial difference? He doesn't ever let me pay for things and I'm forever trying to.

    Thanks so much again for all your help.

    Blessed be.

    LittleRose xo

  • Hi LittleRose

    Hey you are welcome on the reading! Okay on the groups. I like to see 3's as miracle numbers (the Trinity), and 3's are like the "new" added after the 2. So the "3rd" is like the child for the 2. A little miracle 🙂 3's can be seen as planning numbers too, leading up to the stability of the 4. So in a love matter, 3's would seem to show some "planning" or thinking, comparing, weighing, considering as regards the love situation. Any time there are thoughts swirling about concerning love, it is bound to manifest. 🙂

    The links between the cards, you're right that is fun to see how they work together. Lately I try to remind myself to color each card's meaning by the cards next to them. For example this morning I was doing a reading for someone and got the Page Pentacles, Wheel and the Lovers. So, page pentacles could be risks and messages in a tangible, physical way (like someone comes to your door to say something, a hug could be a page pentacles), and the Wheel colors that to mean a turning around or change in that 'physical risk, messages'. Then I had the Lovers card centered below those2 so that is colored by the physical risk and the wheel - meaning a physical step/risk/message + turning + Love .. so "a physical step is taken at last in a love matter"... sort of keeps it simple. You can string the cards together like that with simple "word phrases" and arrive at a basic sentence.

    "Love and Me" financial difference as the Justice... You know it could certainly be that. An area of the relationship you may want to open up with your companion. Some imbalance there could be the indicator of justice? So why won't he let u pay too? Money can be a real challenge energy in relationships, as in "who is in control" of it... a lot of couples, marriages get beat to heck over one person's control of money and a refusal to dialogue about it and reach harmony. If you are wanting to pay once in a while, he should certainly allow you. For him to continue to refuse sounds like he is wanting to keep control that area who pays for dinner) in the relationship. I drew the Queen of Pentacles and the High Priestess, so there is something there in material, money that you are being "silenced" over.

    Sounds like a role issue... he is wanting to play out his "role" as male provider, and depending on how strong that role is to him, could also indicate how he acts in other financial decisions? Something to think about! 🙂

  • Astra Angel you're spot on! The very first date I went on with him, he tried to convince me that it was a guy's job to pay when I tried to pay for the 2nd round of drinks.

    I'm extremely headstrong about being independent and I think he's the same about being and I quote 'the macho man' : ( I should feel spoilt, but it actually makes me feel like I owe him something or like I have to do something for him in return.

    The High Priestess and the Queen of Pentacles....hmmm does that mean I've absolutely no chance of gettin him to treat me as an equal in that regard?

    Defo gna try the sentences. Interpretation always makes much more sense to me when I say what the cards mean to me aloud. That's a fantastic tip. Thanks.

    Blessed be,

    little rose x o

  • Littlerose

    I drew the 2 pentacles to this question, why not just make it a policy to have separate checks? That seems to be what this card is saying. And don't take no for an answer.

    4 of pentacles. You could be setting a precedent here and it seems like it may be important to establish clear, communicative understanding about who pays for what. I would not let him get away with "his way only" on this matter.

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