Requesting moon50 for help

  • hi moon50

    i would like to have your insight into this matter if you can spare some time please.

    i have applied for this job and am waiting to hear from them. i would like to know if it will be a good or bad opportunity opening up for me ? what will it bring to me if i get this job ? i am not picking up anything good about this job and really really confused what to do . if you could provide some insight that would be really helpful.

    thank you so much for your help in advance .



  • It will be good. You are not picking up anything positive because you are so afraid.

    It will challenge you endlessly, but that is what you need: to step out of your comfort zone into the unknown, as afraid as you are. Again, I repeat that saying: feel the fear, but do it anyway.

    You will thank yourself for it.

    You are also very sensitive and are worried you will be exposed right down to your naked soul in this job, but that is because you have been closed to yourself and others for far too long.

    Go for it. Do not let fear stop you here. You will learn so much about yourself with this opportunity.

    This is necessary for your growth.

    I wish you all the best!



  • but i have been told all bad things about this job . i am not afraid of putting in effort , trust me. but the implications of this job have my enthusiasm killed already . also someone has predicted that it would bring legal issues and i will be terminated from this job . these implications are too dark to ignore. is it true that i would be fired ? what will this outcome bring to me? it won't let me find another job easily. it seems i am doomed before even starting because this job is bringing me so much ... endurance as far as work wouldn't bother me. i am ready to take ridicule too if that is the ultimate lesson i have to learn to make me stand on my feet. but legal implications is too much for me. i am afraid because of the legal element only ...!! can you please elaborate on this ? why legal outcome ?

    i am not afraid of working moon , i am afraid of this harsh outcome ... plz help if you can !!!!

  • you have asked too many the same question. Your own fears are being reflected in readings you have been given, which is why you're "getting nothing but bad things" about the job.

    The legal issues will be a case of you being forewarned, which you have been. Thus, you are fore-ARMED. You will be looking for the situation that may place you in legal difficulty. Listen to that still, small voice telling you "no". You will avoid the situation, so long as you heed that still, small voice, as tempting and as danger-free as the "offer" may appear. It will be an offer of some sort, and you will be sorely tempted to accept it. You will almost give in, but if you remember what you have been warned about, you will not. And of course you will be terminated from the job if you do the wrong thing! That's the way of the world. So, again, listen to what you have been warned about and be on the lookout.

    As to the job itself, I'm not getting anything "bad" about it as such. It will be daunting, it will, as said, challenge you immensely in many ways. But you can and will rise above it so long as you follow your own intuition.

    I cannot agree with other readings which have predicted nothing but trouble with this job. I can however, say (again) that your own fears are what is bringing this about.

    Good luck!


  • hmm, my own fear reflecting in the readings makes sense to me. god i am really fearful of getting into this job already . thank you for bringing hope back again into my life. i am so glad i talked about it again with you . i have to first deal with my own fears and then start working on getting over the difficulties that may arise in future. thank you so much for your kind help. it helped tremendously . the ways of universe are wonderful .

    blessings and much love


  • They are priestess! As often as it seems we get kicked in the guts, if we are able to stand back and view our fears, we will see we brought those gut-kickings to ourselves by allowing fear to take root in the first place.

    I also feel you WANT this job, but doubt your ability to DO it. I know you want to work; I can feel it in your being. And, if this job isn't right for you, you'll know and something else will follow it almost immediately because you allowed that door to open in the first place.

    Good luck!



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