I need some help with this reading - Interpreting this Celtic Cross spread Ride

  • Hi there. I recently had to pull a celtic cross tarot reading for me and my soul mate. I was warned shortly before that he was coming into my life ( and technically already there) it wasn't until like 8 months after I met him that I finally noticed 'him' even though I had alreadybeen interacting with him multiple times daily for 7 months same classes,activities and everything. It was just all of a sudden literally out of nowhere a light was switched on inside of me and I realized those feelings and that they were mutual.I met him 5 years ago in college, but because of circumstances we could never be or express our feelings to each other but felt like we both silently knew. I left abruptly and he was upset and communication was very sparse ever since. I get the idea that he's mad at me right now and somehow got over me because I first accidentally dropped the ball on communication and he is ignoring me now , but at the same time I feel as though I will see him again. We live 100s of miles apart (same state 8hrs apart) but we both do travel around the East coast at times for work assignments or pleasure .Maybe I'll see him again. No one else new of our feelings for each other but there was gossip about me for other reasons (Hateful immature ppl) He is not a very emotive person and can come across as cold,emotionally detached, arrogant. I hate guys like that and NEVER chase guys but for some reason this feels different. and I don't mind as much. We have almost the same personality except I used to be exactly the way he is and I matured and became more compassionate for others. Does this look like a situation where I need to just mentally move on or is there some sort of hope? my birthday is 10/3/88 and his is 10/2/89.

    card 1 - the querent me - 4 of swords

    card 2 the situation - the sun

    card 3. the foundation - the king of pentacles

    card 4. The recent past - king of swords

    card 5.short term outlook - tower

    card 6. present state of the problem - Ace pentacles

    card 7. outside influences - 3 pentacles

    card 8.internal influences - 5 Wands

    card 9. hopes and fears - King of Cups

    card10. Longterm outcome -Hanged Man

  • Hi Applznorangs

    I looked at this and it looks positive to me. I matched up the cards from my deck and arranged it to see how the visual explains the situation.

    I wasn't sure about the Ace pentacles, I placed that as the 'above' card.

    The thing that hit me right away was that right at the end of the cards, a lot of cups show up, in the King cups and in the Hanged Man card (which has 4 cups).

    You have known him as a king of pentacles and swords, and you will soon know him as the king of cups. Seems to be the story.

    You have some hurdles to overcome, nothing you need be concerned about.

    The Tower shows that there is stilll some crumbling away of the old relationship, what was, who cares. Once that is cleared away then it moves to a 3 pentacles working situation, nothing dramatic but its at least developing. The 5 of wands also shows some sort of path adjustment that will take place before he re-integrates in your life. Could be a job change or something that moves one of you to a different life pursuit/journey in some way, and that precedes his showing up in a love dimension.

    The 4 swords shows you kinda taking a break from the whole thing in your thinking which is good.

    The Sun shows "the face of a man" so I think the 'situation' is that you think of him a lot.

    Present state of the 'problem' simply shows that things are not getting off to a physical start, You are cut off from each other or there is nothing happening in the observable universe. That seems to be addressed in the 3 pent card 'outside influences' so something will happen 'from outside' that will facilitate him stepping back into your life.



  • strange that the word 'visual' gets **** bleeped out.

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