Light of Luna ~ AA Uriel: Building the Bridge

  • Building the Bridge

    Reminiscing, remembering times past, for some, this will become very important. It will be the link between the old and the new and among people. For many, the links are closer than they realize and know about at this time. Chaos rising is an apt description of the next few months, specifically the time between the equinox and the solstice.

    There will be disruptions in many forms and many will not know how to cope. There are not many in your more developed parts of your world who know how to be self-sufficient or indeed how to occupy themselves even for a short time. These are skills that may prove to be valuable and will serve well in the time to come. For those who do have the skills of self-sufficiency and resourcefulness, it will serve them well and for many of these same ones are the ones who can keep themselves busy and occupy themselves when they need to. In truth the ability to occupy one-self without outside gadgets or influences goes hand in hand with being able to be with oneself and spending time with your inner being and also being alone.

    There is in truth no need for outside accoutrements to be happy. It is merely enough to look inside your being and just be. If more would try this and truly spend time doing it, you would begin to see an immediate change in your world.

    For those of you who have the ability to see it, the world is on the edge of a precipice. Some will fly over it and rise to the occasion, some will fall into the abyss and others will simply continue to live on the edge, not daring to span the chasm. Those who have the ability to fly over, also have the ability to build a bridge so those on the edge and those who would ‘fall in’ can also cross.

    But, that means that those of you who are the wayshowers need to step up and begin showing the way and building the bridge. You know who you are and what you need to do. So, we say, begin now or continue as the case may be. Help those who are behind for the more who are able to cross this divide, the stronger the bridge will become, and then more will be able to cross – do you see? So, begin building – piece by piece, person by person, heart by heart and soon, you will see that it has crossed the divide, the divide between the old world and the new. So, join hands and hearts and cross the bridge beloveds – we will be waiting for you on the other side. Namaste

  • Well I hope that I have the courage to take that leap when the time comes! I've found myself reminiscing quite a bit in the last two weeks. Thinking about all sorts of things and not letting myself be afraid of what feelings course through me.

    I do worry though, that I may hang on that precipice. I hope that someone or someTHING makes me jump off because I sure as blazes don't want to land in the abyss ...

    Thanks again poetic!


  • I'm right there with you Moon 🙂

  • Oh good! Maybe you could push me off???

  • Never been the pushy type...maybe more like Thelma & Louise!!!

  • haha! Me and my best buddy here have called ourselves Thelma and Louise!! I can honestly say we've had some interesting roadtrips 🙂

  • 🙂 I saw something over the weekend Moon50 and I thought of you, gotta find it, Peace, Light and Love to all! Blessings are flowing, open and recieve!

  • thanks poetic. Did it possibly have $$$$ before it???? hahahahaha

  • LOl! That was for me! There's plenty more! LIMIT-LESS!

  • I am opening my arms to receive right bloody now!!!

  • LOL! May all your cups runneth over and over and over! NAMASTE!

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