Relationship Reading - any input appreciated!

  • I have been learning the tarot for quite sometime now - but only do readings for myself. I use the Rider Waite deck. If someone could help me with this interpretation I would really appreciate it. This is what I have come up with...

    I'm a Cancer/ He's an Aries

    Question: Will I have a realtionship with "R" and if so, how will it turn out?

    1. Justice - Weighing pros & cons - fair decisions - "this is the decision I have made"

    2. A Coins - Beginning of prosperity/wealth - a good foundation - signals rewards - a gift given

    3. 8Wands -Clear sailing - everything will take flight & land in happiness & pleasure. Movement is in the right direction & you will get what you desired. Progress is made toward a new relationship - goals are within reach - so keep moving in direction you've planned. All actions are encouraged at this time.

    4. The Sun - Enjoying contentment/happiness/success - good marriage/good homelife/ happiness with the good-life - happiness - content.

    5. 10Wands - Shouldering the burdon - you want to help others - decide which wands to keep and which to put down.

    6. The Magician - Unleashing creative power - creating your own reality - something great is developing - ask and you shall receive - you ahve the power in your hands.

    7. 7Cups - Emotional choices - too many choices - can't see the forest for the trees.

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