Jesus: Oneness is Non-Negotiable

  • Jesus: Oneness is Non-Negotiable

    As channelled by John Smallman – September 21, 2012

    The essential changes that humanity needs to make in attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors in order to restore the normal, necessary, loving, and peaceful conditions in which you can relate to one another on every level are occurring very rapidly now.

    Humanity’s region of the divine energy field — your field of consciousness — continues to strengthen and intensify as more and more of you become aware of how each one of you can and does affect it, and then very positively makes the intent to do so.

    A wonderful Light is now bathing your beautiful planet and is clearly visible to all who wish to see it. You are making astounding progress on your path to awakening, and even those who are the least aware of the spiritual dimension that is your identity will be unable to remain unaware for very much longer. Then they too will add to the ever-growing brilliance of the Light that envelops you all.

    It gives enormous joy and satisfaction to us in the spiritual realms as we observe the exponentially expanding field of love that you are creating around you to meld with God’s. We have been with you, helping and encouraging you for eons, and now the results of our joint efforts are becoming clear. So much progress has been achieved in just the last few decades! God’s Will is demonstrably shown being perfectly accomplished.

    You have a very restricted vision of humanity’s ability to grow and evolve spiritually, but if you could momentarily place yourselves sixty or seventy years back in time from today and experience the beliefs you had back then about what humanity might achieved by this time, and, if you were now able to see, as we do, what has been achieved in that short space of time, you would be astonished.

    Your doubts and anxieties would dissolve because your faith in your abilities to change the world through your thoughts and intentions would be shown to be totally valid. The divine Will is with you constantly to assist you. You just have to allow it to become yours by ceasing to resist It.

    In spite of the endemic poverty, conflicts, and self-serving, egoic agendas that seem to be driving you towards the most terrifying abyss of self-destruction — and on which the mainstream media focuses almost all of its attention — on a deeper and far more powerful level significant and substantial changes have been taking place within the collective human energy field that are leading you irrevocably towards awakening.

    Your intent to evolve spiritually has intensified as you have realized that the only way to bring peace, prosperity, and happiness to mankind is by returning to your Source. You can only do this by opening your hearts to the inflowing Love that your Father offers you in every moment because you are all spiritual beings and that is where your power lies.

    Your human bodies are necessary vehicles — toys through which you play with and quarrel with one another, while you choose to remain in the unreal world that seems so convincingly real to you. Your true nature is spiritual and you have been ignoring it while you played. The result has been loneliness, fear, and unhappiness.

    Yes, the games you have been playing brought moments of ephemeral happiness, and you have sought to increase the frequency of those moments and make them last as long as possible. But they are as illusory as the unreal environment in which you are playing your games, and so suffering and intense dissatisfaction have prevailed.

    True, eternal happiness is only available in your natural state. For eons, you have refused to believe that and so have struggled fruitlessly through competition, conflict, arrogance, beguilement, and betrayal — all to achieve the unattainable. And it will remain unattainable so long as you choose to see yourselves as separated from one another and from God, and continue to treat each other as obstructions and impediments that must be removed or destroyed in order to achieve the blessings of His eternal peace, for you and for the ones that you have decided are worthy of it.

    Oneness is non-negotiable. Finally this is becoming apparent to you, as the enormity of the error of believing otherwise dawns on you, and so you are choosing to open to Love and the inclusiveness that is Its nature. The importance and significance of that choice is something you cannot possibly imagine as you struggle with the paradoxes and inconsistencies of human life on Earth.

    Nevertheless, it is the choice that you needed to make to allow yourselves to awaken, and leave the insane nightmare of separation and abandonment to dissolve and fade away. You have truly made the most important choice of your lives, and what this actually means will become blindingly apparent when you awaken into the brilliance of Reality — your eternal, heavenly Home.

    Your loving brother, Jesus.

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