The Pleiadian Council of Nine – All of Creation is a Mirror of Itself (Part 2/2)

  • Channelled through Wes Annac – September 20, 2012

    Alice 😄 Part 1 of this message is above.

    These colonies of which we speak will be arising because you will be interacting with fifth dimensional energies and merged timelines, in which these colonies did not war with each other and instead ascended. We speak, of course, of the colonies of Atlantis and Lemuria.

    These two colonies have been prospering quite well in other Earthly timelines and this is to become quite apparent as your Earthly timelines merge and you find a resulting remembrance and collective experience of Atlantis and Lemuria.

    You are to find as well, the Lemuria which has went underground and ascended within your world, as the Agarthans and many other souls within your world in ascended realms will be happily showing themselves to you after the initial disclosures and giving of technology.

    You will be introduced to the ascended liaison teams of Agartha who have been working very hard on the fabled announcements and on the aspects of such announcements that will cover the Inner-Earth, how the souls within the Inner-Earth came to be who and where they are at this very moment, and how close they have been with many of you; most notably those of you who took Lives in Atlantis, as they have been watching your civilizations develop, war and find enlightenment all through your history, including the history which you have not yet been told of.

    The existence of Atlantis and Lemuria is quite left out of your current history today, as is the quite-discovered truth of advanced and Loving entities existing with your dear Earth. Many of these souls have issued routine communications with humanity and [beyond this] they have been doing so very much to help initiate you into a state of understanding their presence and their wish to help you to ascend.

    We feel such a wish as well and while we have been with many of you in your recent and previous civilizations, we have grown quite close to the ascension of this world and we eagerly await finding you in the wonderful ascended ‘timeline’ so to speak wherein you are all experiencing a wonderful unity with yourselves, with us and with the souls within your dear Earth.

    Suffice to say, while there is a Central Sun existing with your Earth which has been interpreted by many as a ‘core’, your Earth is indeed hollow on the inside and there have been [and are] entire civilizations who exist within the inner-structure(s) of your Earth. This is so because this is how our Creator has initiated the experience of consciousness upon various Life-hosting reality structures in general; an outer experience is always paired with an inner.

    All of Creation is a mirror of itself, and the souls existing within your Earth are a testament to being the ascended reflection of humanity.

    Upon entering the inner Earth, the most advanced of the Lemurians began rebuilding their society in a new way that would call for less defensive structures and command centers, as all would be and has been aimed more specifically toward peace and a sustainable harmony throughout every area of Agartha.

    Indeed, there are different civilizations existing within your Inner Earth and while the ‘shadow realms’ of the Inner Earth had previously hosted beings of a lower intent who have been working with your Earthly cabals, these souls are being cleansed from such realms, as such realms are being prepared and pumped with the energy of Source which is soon to become quite apparent on your dear surface, as you are all reaching the points along your calendar that are initiating you into the fifth dimensional states of consciousness as a collective.

    Dear souls, while there will be many shift-points and quite intense ones to come in the immediate time ahead, you will all be adjusting continually to these energies as they are given to you and you are all to find yourselves experiencing ascension on your own levels as you undergo various rapid stages along your growth, that are seeing no more blocks or inhibition in your experience of the realms of the fifth dimension.

    You are beginning to find very clear and pure perceptions of the realms of the fifth dimension, as you are all working through the worst of what you had set out for yourselves and some of you are just beginning the most difficult aspects of these transmutations while others are reaching the final conclusions of the lessons you had set out for yourselves to learn.

    To those of you who are experiencing the latter, we tell you to remain strong and determined in your unending quest to hold the balance of Light and emotion that is seeing you surpass and excel in the [transmutation of] the worst of what you have set out for yourselves to experience. You are undergoing lessons that have tested you to your very core and while the most difficult of what you dear souls have set out for yourselves is indeed being [worked-through] by you in every moment, we ask you to continue to remain vigilant as you still have some work to be done.

    You are now reaching entirely new phases and levels along your growth and as you are doing this, you are seeing yourselves exist within sub-planes of consciousness that are ever-increasing in purity as your very mindsets are seeing you reach these levels in accordance with your growth experience. There is still a bit of heavy lifting to be done but for the most part, you should all congratulate yourselves for the levels of growth that you find yourselves along for you are all bringing forth the realms of the fifth dimension as they are flowing increasingly through your reality with the needed actions that each and every one of you are making at all times.

    We see and feel the actions that you are committing which are bringing you ever-more into alignment with the higher realms and as [some of] you dear souls are still feeding density in certain avenues of your Lives, you are finding the mindsets that expose to you the falsities of much of the Earth experience as it has been fabricated, and such fabrications have been fed by the collective of Earth for so very long but we tell you that your will and intent is quite powerful and will see the collective energies boosted in big ways, whenever you make an intent to bring the new paradigm through yourselves in any ways possible.

    It has been discussed before, the strong and interconnected nature of your dear collective consciousness and the strong energetic bonds that you all maintain with each other, as the collective network on your world is quite literally one of an entanglement of you dear souls within each other’s auric fields and mental and emotional energies, through your thoughts and feelings toward and about one another.

    Any time that you think of a fellow soul, you are aiming your vibrations at them in a specific way; in whichever way you are thinking about such souls. You are doing this with us and the rest of the ascended collective as well, dear souls.

    For example, whenever you dear souls choose to think toward us or another in a positive or happy way, you are sending pure vibrations and [those who they are sent to] are experiencing a resulting upliftment from such vibrations, even if they do not consciously realize that they are receiving such an upliftment.

    If you have any type of negative thoughts toward us or toward another, than your vibrations are aimed in such a manner though it would do no good for any souls to attempt to send us negative vibrations, as they are instantly transmuted into the happiest and Lightest of pure Source energy upon reaching even the outermost sections of our auric energies.

    We are performing simple and natural transmutations of the energies of the Earth collective at any given moment, as are you dear Lightworkers and starseeds who are experiencing the most difficult of the collective density as it is exposed to you and in many cases, as it comes through you or is fed by you.

    While we have taken our share of [attempted] negative energy from cabal members or souls on your world who have not accepted our presence for a plethora of reasons, you dear souls who are putting yourselves out there and expressing the truths that you have known within are taking the boldest leaps and strongest measures to get the truth of the Light and of us souls happily and actively working for the Light, out there on your world and this truth is increasingly seeping into your collective consciousness and unconscious, and it is beginning to become accepted and known for the truth that it is by many on your world.

    There will forever be those who do not yet believe or who do not wish to believe and we ask you dear souls not to be dismayed by the opinions of others, as all are on their own wonderful and marvelous paths back to Source and no matter which specific ways you dear souls find awareness, each and every one of you who are involved in the ongoing ascension movement on your world and who are making your honest and continued intents to ascend; you are all going to find the pure states of consciousness that you have been evolving toward.

    You are all Loved infinitely, and we temporarily depart this line of communication as we leave you dear soul to absorb our energies and the encodements given that ultimately help you to integrate our energies and the truths that we wish to give, in easier ways while many of you find an upliftment by reading any channeled communications which are pure in intent and of the Light.

    We say that our energies are not by far the purest source of Light that you will find, as such purity of Light will be found within yourselves though we give our energies in a very full purity through our communications to the best extents that we can, in an effort to give you the ‘previews ‘of sorts of energies that you will find by searching and turning within.

    You all have these pure abilities to turn within and it has been a continued Joy for us to watch you do so. You are beginning to feel the chains and bonds that the lower dimensional realities have trapped you into [as you transmute them] and we ask you with Love and admiration, to ‘keep on keeping on’.

    Thank you to the Pleiadian Council of Nine.

  • Thanks Poetic555- keep sending the messages, they are important for all of us to read and interpret to our level of comprehension.

  • Okay! God Bless!

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