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  • Dear Moon

    This is to thank you for the advice you gave me on the 'for suramya' thread. After a long time things are looking up in my marriage.The feeling of being overwhelmed with work and duties is still there and will likely remain so for most of us in Sept and Oct ,I guess.

    Hope your health is better now.How are things with you?

    lots of love and best wishes

  • Hi suramya

    Well, if what I posted up for you helped in any way, I'm glad. It's good that your marriage is taking a turn for the better. These have been testing times, and only the strongest of relationships will survive it; so you and he must be emotional warriors! I agree, too, that work and being overwhelmed with that and other things is likely to remain for a while yet. As tiring as that thought is, at least it keeps us out of mischief 🙂

    Health is somewhat better too! Back is not playing up nearly as much, although still touchy, but holding up well. I've been working more shifts lately and not come home a cripple, so that's gotta be a good thing!

    Am still grieving over my partner, but am letting that run its course. Today was the first day I've had at home since last Friday (even though I was out tonight at my daughter's end of school formal) and it turned out to be another Pity Party Day (what I'm calling those days where you wonder around, clean up a bit and cry the whole time).

    I had a very proud evening watching my girl mince around in her 15cm (approx. 7inch) heels, while feeling very nostalgic about her early years of school. Those years go by all too quick! I am also proud of myself for going on my own, on my own steam, sharing a table with my ex, his fiancee and my mother in-law, and getting through it without feeling like going home before it was all over. (I get on with my mother in law well now, and don't mind my ex's fiancee). He's the one who's a prick towards me, but that's his problem. And that all amounts to my achievement today 🙂

    I know things'll get better. But like you and many others, I feel that all this stuff is coming relentlessly and we're hard-pressed to batt it away, let alone deal with it! But deal with it I am, even though I want to curl up and stay under the covers for once, without having a bad back :))

    Thank you for letting me know how things are going with you. It's good to hear a happy ending, rather than the misery that seems to prevail on here! It uplifts me to hear that someone is making a go of things and winning; it gives the rest of us hope.

    So keep at it, and very best of wishes and love to you and your hubby




  • Hey Its not a happy ending but more like a tentative new beginning with a ray of hope:)

    Thanks to you for giving me hope when I was confused and troubled.Still a very long way to go...

    Great to hear from you. Everytime you feel like a pity party,just look in the mirror and see how lovable you are.You really are much stronger than you think and the recovery of the back signals self reliance and renewed strength.

    The cards that came up for you included Archangel Raphael who says he is helping you heal physical challenges in yourself and others.You are a healer. maybe in some time you will take up an energy healing modality.

    Archangel Michael also turned up again to tell you that he is with you in these life changes, as you move towards your Divine Purpose.

    Michael cards also repeated a message that had come up fr you earlier: "this situation is already Resolved". Give any worries to angels who are working behind the scenes fr you and continue counselling and helping others.

    You must be so proud of your daughter!

    Sending you hugs and lots of love

  • Thanks suramya, I am very proud of my daughter! She's a beautiful little earth angel, but one who is resisting her own gifts at the moment. Eventually though, she'll come around to it.

    I have just had Rodney come out and pick up some stuff from his shed. It's weird really, but what you say about new beginnings struck me about our situation today. While I'm a bit sad that he has left, again, I don't feel that is the end as such.

    I'm all too aware of wishful thinking, but what we had was too good to sully it with anger, resentment and egotistical carry-on. We talked a bit about our situation, and, well I don't know if I'm the one who wants him back when the time is right, or if he really has made up his mind that we are over as a couple. He wants to help out with some things, and I told him so long as that was not driven by guilt, then I would happily accept his help, and I'll return the favour in whichever way I am able.

    I feel a tinge of sadness though because it's such early days and I haven't properly let go yet.

    So I'm a bit grey on where this will go. That is in the hands of the Higher Ups, as your cards say, and I've been aware of the lack of choice I've been given in this. I can force nothing.

    Your ray of hope spreads out to others, and I'll carry on with my yardwork today and keep part of that ray with me.

    I do, however, miss him being here.



  • I have to tell you something.i had posted my previous message twice.In the first draft I had asked if your daughter is psychic.It disappeared so I rewrote the above message,omitting the bit abt yr daughter.

    You answered my question without reading it!

    And whats even more strange is that id sensed that she was psychic!

  • As for you and Rodney ,the card that came up fr him is lovers so he too seems to be making a choice.He is taking his time sorting his issues. maybe he is stillworking out things abt his ex.Its not easy fr him either,maybe.

    The advice card says temperance.I take that to mean that you are being put through this time fr some purpose.Maybe it has to do with finding balance and your own center.The cards are advising against sending him any messages fr the time being .The outcome is 10 cups so a happy ending to the story. You will be very good friends or reunite again,just not right away.

    Any such reading is usually short term in its implications so im not really predicting anything,just saying that the cards showed happy get togethers and nothing to signify an ending.Temperance could also be advice in terms of diet,beverages and lifestyle choices.

    Take lots of care and love to yr daughter and you:)

  • Oh and Im getting: "Hold Your Horses"


    Is that literally or figuratively?

    Temperance can also be indicating that you are learning to or will soon learn to deal with situations very calmly and resolve them objectively

    Hope this makes sm sense

  • Hi suramya,

    Well, this reading is very timely, because after a few wines tonight (temperance ... what temperance??) I was tempted to send Rodney a message, but decided against it. I know I need to respect his space and grieving time. I do love him, and decided tonight that I love him enough to wait it out. Too long though, and I may just close the door,but ... we'll see.

    As for my daughter (Brooke) she's had these gifts all her life (like most of us) but as teenagers do and pre-teenagers, she left it behind because it didn't fit into her life. She will pick it up again when she is ready though.

    So your reading is spot on! I'm glad I resisted the urge to message Rodney. I felt it would be too much after seeing him today. I remember too, what it was like when I left my husband and all I wanted to do was breathe and be, without pressure.

    It's hard though. Hard, but necessary.

    Thank you again!



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