Hi Astra, can I have a reading?

  • Hi Astra,

    How ru? Long time no see. Can I have a reading? Relationship wise, what's the near future between me and my bf? And what's on his mind regarding me and us? Any insight please! Thanks!

  • Hi Aprilca

    I am doing fine thank you, yes it has been a while. I hope all is well...

    Okay... you and your BF/... I am looking at a Celtic Cross and overall looks very nice! A lot of positive energy and nice things about this....

    Situation - Empress - This is nurturing, so the immediate interest, expression is nurturing. This is crossed by the 3 of Wands so there is some "desire" around the two of you as regards a shared path, you are walking and walking out dreams together, I think you are talking a lot about the future. This is him as well, the KING of Wands so he has a lot of path issues on his mind lately. He could be saying a lot of things to you like, "Hey aprilca... where are we headed? What is going to happen? SO do you want to stay in this area, what if we did this and such... a lot of what if type questions...

    Above you is the Chariot so there much be something going on that has a sense of urgency about it. These "talks" could be asking a decision of movement, and this is with the both of you (lovers below).

    Past is the FOOL so you have already made some sort of decision together, it has led to being closer together. Maybe a move... but what now? Then the 6 of swords does show more movement to calmer times, romance

    I see his thoughts of you are very lovely, he loves you deeply, it is just that his present state of mind is concerned about something that is really felt as movement. Job change? Something very strong path related, could be a distant move even overseas.

    Future environment, is the JUDGEMENT card so this shows the relationship undergoing a rebirth I think it is connected with a move, or a change of setting. You both are on a brilliant path together, the WANDS are very strong with you and him. The ACE of Wands is an outer influence, leading back to the Empress. So there is something he has been talking about lately the dialogue is something like.

    "aprilca I think it would be great for us if we were to try... move to... " whatever that "thing" is he keeps bringing up is going to develop very soon. Go with it. Leads to a Ace wands and a King Wands (that is him, Hopes and concerns you have has about him are answered) and this ends with the Universe, so your path and his are perfect right now, just go with the flow.


    So, near future you two are in motion, water travel. This is something that leads to a new or re-birth in the relationship. That developed into a new "single" identity shared, oneness... so your relationship is trying to develop a deeper connection of "oneness" and that has meant you have been trying things in the relationship... taking chances.... I think he has struggled with some of the changes. and has been dealing with questions like "okay, april where is this leading...?" He has concerns, however his heart is true and sincere. No doubt about that.

    Eventually.... after this motion... you two will be signing on the dotted line. Overall I see WONDERFUL things in development for the two of you so keep it sweet and deflect his path concerns with plenty of hugs and kisses and other things. He will work it out.

    Hey I hope that helps... I get really nice energies about the two of you... you two ARE really close...



  • Hi Astra - thanks for the reading. U picked up things very right. Movement is our main concern at this point and he's dealing with lots of "path" choosing issues and some of them involving me.. An yes; he's being distant and it got me concerned.. As much as I understand him, I m not so happy. But I guess I will have to let him do his things. Figure them out. my last q is, Can u pls tell me whats on his mind regarding proposal/ getting Married soon? Thanks

  • Hey

    I am looking at him right now... I don't see a proposal per se although I do see a "fool" energy soon for him. He does have path concerns (5, 3 wands) and 10 wands outcome, so yeah your guy is struggling with something. Could be marriage. He has a death energy up top. so there is some area of his life coming apart or dying that he is dealing with, not sure what that is. 5 cups in the past, something back there that was some adjustments emotionally and now he is in 4 cups land kind of established emotionally and kinda boring.

    6 swords under him... that is thinking, trying to maintain his cool in this situation.

    3 wands future env... Queen of Cups (that is you, outer influence), 4 pentacles home setting. 10 wands big path concerns///

    If I had to guess I would say he is wanting a home life but not the marriage.... security without the "ring"... the you-know-what without the strings attached.

    you should just open it up with him, tell him you understand his needs and tell him you are open to options... try to help him with his path... tell him that... I think he DOES want to establish something with you, all of his wands are dealing with emotional concerns and you are sandiched between a 3W and a 4P so YOU are the path concern I think... he is struggling to commit without committing. He wants his cake and he wants to eat it too. He wants the marriage without the vows. The fun without the law. The kid without the I do's... that is what I get.

    If you are really wanting "marriage" I think you need to move on from this guy he is pushing back on the marriage thing with you and you are wasting your time trying to convince him other wise. I would focus on meeting him halfway and be willing to be flexible with a committed union. He ain't interested in getting "tied down". He will be packing his things before he goes there anytime soon.

    He sees marriage as death.... the end of the road. He has no concept that it can be a good thing. I think he has only seen the negative of marriages and he is knows you want that. so he is in a problematic situation. You can't mix law and love.

    What he REALLY wants is an established home life. Not an established emotional life with you. He wants a HOME a security pattern, not a preacher and a wedding cake. He wants to know he is loved, without knowing he will get the %$#@ knocked out of him in a marriage. I would stay away from the 'marriage' energies with him. \

    I know that is blunt but that's what I got... the cards are highlighting something "back there" on that 5 of cups... you two must have had some sort of "discussion" that set something in motion and has pushed him back to 4 land in cups when he was trying to get to 6 land (nice). What was that? Something is blocking him at a 4, and he wants to "take a chance" with you, but he is scared of making the trip to marriage land (6 swords). He is starting to feel cornered maybe and that is causing him to consider his options, like a NEW path. Alone even. He is not going down the aisle anytime soon.

    You two ever talk about marriage? How come couples can't just talk about it? What is up with that? Weird...

    Okay,, blessings aprilca hope that helps... maybe I told you more than you wanted to hear...


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