• I am curious if my ex has any plans to go after custody with his recent changes in your daughter's life.....Thanks

  • Sorry "in my daughter's life".

  • Bump if anyone could please help my friend with this question... please and thank you. 🙂 Lack

  • Jess,

    He might be thinking about it, but I don't see that it'll add up to much. I don't feel that he's a mean sort of guy, and if anything the most he may ask is weekend access and/or holidays. I feel he needs to stay in his daughter's life, however there is something that has prevented him from doing that. Has he been involved in drugs of any sort? I'm getting a legal issue around him. He's a lost soul, and if he hasn't had much or any involvement in her life up until now, I do feel he'll want some contact, which he will be legally entitled to unless he can be proved to be an unfit father who is also unfit to have any sort of access to her.

    I'm getting that you shouldn't judge him too harshly. He is out of your life, and knows that is necessary. But I'm getting a real mind-fog around him, hence the question about drugs or alcohol.

    He will become a decent human being, and if not before that happens, then once it does, he'll want and need to be in his daughter's life. She will need him also. How old is she? I'm getting around 8 or 10? Once she's a teenager, she will look for a male influence in her life, and shouldn't be stopped from having it. I know you are worried, but this will not affect the bond you have with her at all, nor will it damage her in any way.

    I hope this helps



  • Thank you,

    He is not involved in her life she is 2. I left him when she was less than a month old. I ended up getting a protection order, because while we were together he has an alcoholic, and was physically and mentially abusive. He willingly sign away all visitation and decisions to her. The older child u may be seeing is may be one if his other kids. He has 3 older children that he isn't involved with either .

    My plan was when she was ready she would be able to seek him out. I an just worried about now I don't want him too hurt her with all of his broken promises.

    Thanks again.


  • He won't.

    Yes it is the older child I'm seeing.

    He will one day realise the trail of destruction he's left behind him, and how alone he has become. This is when he begins to repair his broken life and will take his place amongst people as an upstanding, alcohol-free citizen. You will be amazed at the change in him.

  • Dear Moo50

    Just wanted to say thank you for your help for my friend. We both are grateful. Lots of light...ooh peaceful angel light to you tonight! Thanks for everything Laci

  • That's okay Laci. I hope peaceful angel light comes tonight because I really need it today 🙂


  • Dear Moon50,

    Hope it came your way, wrapped it's beautiful warmth around you and gave you a much needed hug and peace! 🙂

    Lots of light and love,

    Laci 🙂

  • ** sniff ** I don't think it did...unless I'm so miserable it couldn't get thru 😞

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