I need to know if my dreams are true about someone - PLEASE HELP

  • I've known a guy for four years now. We recently told each other we love one another but we haven't seen each other in months. either because we haven't had time or we miss each other because of a breakdown in communication. Anyway, I've been having weird dreams and was wondering if someone can do a reading for me. I really need to know if he's hiding something! His birthday is today 9/20/75. Initials A E. PLEASE HELP! The suspense is killing me! Thank you so much!


  • Well, everyone is hiding something, even minor things for privacy's sake. What specific sort of thing do you think he is hiding?

  • I kind of want to know if he has a girl or wife. In my dream, he had a wife.

  • You say you have known each other for four years and are in love. Yet you don't know this most basic thing about the guy. Without communication, honesty, and sharing, you don't have a real deep relationship, just a fantasy. And this is what your dream is trying to tell you.

  • Well that's why I'm here. I've asked him several times but he always said he didn't and I believed him. But lately, I've been having a gut feeling. I think you can know someone a lifetime but until the trruth reveals itself then you will never truly know. So are you able to do a reading? Sorry I didn't give much info and possibly confused you.

  • Oh and by the way, we weren't exclusive. Never officially became an item... by my choice.

  • What you are calling love here is not really love at all. You say you aren't exclusive so why do you worry if he has someone else? Neither of you have enough commitment here or enough of a solid foundation of sharing and communication to make this relationship work - yet. Maybe in the future you will but until then you two need to get closer - both physically and emotionally or this relationship will simply fall apart.

  • Awww, thank you! That was great advice! But unfortunately for him I'm no longer going to be friends with him. A few weeks ago he asked for money because he was in a bind. So I lent a reasinable amount to him. Come to find out yesterday that he took his "girlfriend" on vacation. My sisters friend, who is his friend, told her this. So who knows if he used the money for that purpose but its still pretty shady. So I contacted him via email, telling him I hope he's having a good time on vacation with his girlfriends and to send me a postcard. His response - "lol really your silly". So yup, you were right. This never meant anything to him. But again thanks for the advice!

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